I know you have all been wondering: how is Penny the Bunny doing?  Thank you for asking, he’s doing great.  Much to his annoyance, however, he’s still on cage restriction and has to take medicine twice a day.  This is a two human procedure.  Technogeek holds him and I squirt the meds in his mouth.  On the upside, he’s learning to enjoy being held and petted.  Here he is after his evening dose.

Now wasn’t that picture worth waiting for?

(Yes, my husband does wear pink shorts.  The girls and I bought them to go with his pink car.  But that’s a whole ‘nother story.)


14 thoughts on “BETTER BUNNY

  1. happy, hoppity bunny!glad he didn’t leave for the heavenly hoppity haven!it’s nice to pat soft furry creatures–good for both patter and if we can use toupee someplace. . . glad we do not need one at the moment!

  2. Welcome home Penny Bunny.  He doesn’t look any worse for wear; still the cutest bunny I know.  A hamster naming contest, great idea!  I think he should be named RIP.  Boo Boo would be a good name too.

  3. He looks intensely peeved in that pic. But then (given that he was just dosed) I guess he has good reason…ROFL.  Just looked again.  For some reason bunny animosity makes me want to giggle.

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