It’s just me and Tigger tonight, with my seven-year-old and my husband off on a school overnight trip.  We had ourselves a little girl time in which she spent a Barnes and Noble gift card and we hit our favorite sushi joint.


It took awhile to get there, because the transmission on my van has gone wonky and I couldn’t take the freeway.  So I put in my new old Arlo Guthrie disk and made Tigger listen to Alice’s Restaurant.


Boy did that song take a lot of explaining to a post-millennial pre-teen.  She’d never heard of the draft.  Her shock at learning that the government could force a person to join the army was exceeded only by her annoyance at the sexist gender differential in wartime machinations. 


“I don’t think anyone should be drafted, but if they’re going to do that it should be men and women.”


Can you hear Phyllis Schlafly grinding her teeth?


I tried to explain the “joke” of the song, in which Arlo is deemed too immoral to join the army and kill women and children and burn villages because he’s been arrested for littering. 


“And MEN,” Tigger insisted.  “It’s just as immoral to kill men as it is to kill women and children.  It’s sexist when people say ‘women and children,’ like the men don’t matter.” 


I love that kid.


Tig’s got a big Final Exam tomorrow, so I made her bring her vocabulary list to dinner so I could quiz her.  She’s been learning Greek and Latin roots and associated words all year.  That’s a great strategy but I have to say her list included some words that one doesn’t find much in daily life.  Like “dorsicumbent.”  And “salinometer.”  And my personal favorite, “felicify.” 


Well she knows ‘em all.  After stuffing ourselves with spicy tuna and spider rolls (for me) and unagi and tomago (for her), we headed home. 


Now Tigger’s in bed and it’s just me, the rabbit, and this delicious Spanish wine (Sinols Garnatxa de L’Emporda).  I’ve got the Blues channel playing (current song: James Booker, Junco Partner), and, oh, the cable bill came the other day.  It seems we are now subscribed to the “Sports Entertainment Package.”  Did anyone in this house order the Sports Entertainment Package?  No, they did not.  We do not watch sports.  We do not like sports.  We do not wish to pay for sports channels, thank you.  Comcast in its infinite wisdom just added it to our service.  Did Comcast answer the phone when we tried to complain about this sneaky bastard maneuver?  Noooo.


You can see that I’ve had a bit too much wine and should probably stop lest I get busted for WUI (Writing Under the Influence). 


By the way, in case you were wondering, the bunny seems to have recovered from his malady.  Good thing, because after 20 days of twice daily medications, the bunny was growling at Technogeek, who had the thankless task of restraining him so I could squirt the meds in his  mouth.  You didn’t know a bunny could growl, did you?  Mine can.


Do they make bifocal contact lenses?  I’ve been nearsighted all my life (hence, lenses) but just recently I’ve become one of those old fogies who can’t read anything without holding it at arm’s length from my face.  What do they do about that?  Do I need contacts AND reading glasses?  Is that fair?


A few more swigs and I won’t be able to see anything at all.  Good night to you all.




  1. well hey drunkie, feeling hung over today?  They do make bi focal contact lenses, I have just learned that, but that seems like it would be annoying and hard to get used to.  Comcast sucks.  That is all.

  2. I love that kid, too!!  What great comments and observations on Arlo Guthrie’s great work!!  I always enjoy stepping into your world here so much! 

  3. And I went up there, I said, “Shrink, I want to kill.  I mean, I wanna, Iwanna kill.  Kill.  I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore andguts and veins in my teeth.  Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill,KILL, KILL.”  And I started jumpin up and down yelling, “KILL, KILL,” andhe started jumpin up and down with me and we was both jumping up and downyelling, “KILL, KILL.”  And the sargent came over, pinned a medal on me,sent me down the hall, said, “You’re our boy.”

  4. I had to go look up the song on google. 18 minutes of that crap? Good ol’ Arlo. You’d HAVE to be using some kind of substance! (Oh yeah, that was the point, wasn’t it?)  Your daughter sure is getting a feel for America. Is she proud of it?    And a growling bunny sounds creepy! I’m not sure I could sleep at night!

  5. I took Latin in high school, cause I was a big nerd.  That’s besides the point, but learning all those words really helped me out with English spellings.  And I learned some Latin conjugation jingles which I sing to my SweetPea at night.  Oh my, I am a nerd.

  6. Heh. I love the “and men” comment. Alas, it is too true that most people leave them off the list of the casualties of war, unless, of course, they “fall in battle”. Sigh. Sounds like your daughter is going to grow up to be a wonderful woman. Latin and Greek word roots? Good grief, Charlie Brown! Interesting and fun to a “word geek” like myself, who used to read the dictionary just for fun. But the “math minds” must be having conniption fits! They usually have enough trouble differentiating between “your” and “you’re”.A growling rabbit? That is creepy! Reminds me way too much of the “killer bunny” in Monty Python and the Holy Grail! “This is nae ordinary rabbit! It’s got big, sharp pointy teeth …. It’s a killer, I tell you!”  And, just as an aside – mom-to-mom: Time to yourself, a bottle of wine, and your preferred music playing? Envy, envy, envy, envy …..  Fondly,CanadianBroad

  7. We shouldn’t be so hasty to bash the curriculum here. After all, learning to parse strange Latinous and Greeky words is really helpful if you’re in medical school, or playing Balderdash. ~Q

  8. Yup, they make bifocal contacts.  They sound weird, though… You made me curious, so I looked it up and this is what I found: Get this: (about the type known as ‘aspheric’) “Unlike eyeglasses, however, aspheric contact lenses are simultaneous vision lenses, so your visual system must learn to select the proper prescription for the moment.”Riiiiight…

  9. I looked up all three of those words on and “salinometer” was the only one it recognized.I’m right with you on the bifocals.  Either the world is becoming blurrier due to global warming, or I’ve been putting off a trip to the eye doctor a lot longer than I should. 

  10. Oh, man we say “dorsicumbent” every day. NOT. But still, it’s cool that she’s so smart! She could throw all those words around in conversation now and make adults feel under-educated. 🙂 Sound like a relaxing evening at the Growling Bunny Bar. I like when you are WUI. I think you should do it more often. You’re dang funny when WUI. 🙂 Lisa

  11. Comcast.  I loathe Comcast.  I WUI from time to time, and always regret it, but I’m rarely as calm and peaceful as you sound.  By the way, I tried to teach the 8 year-old to ride a bike today.  Nope, not this year.  Maybe next year???

  12. Someone else still listens to “Alice’s Restaurant” ?  You are so my idol.And yes, they make bifocal contacts… I wear them.  The good points:  I can actually see when I apply makeup in the morning, so I no longer resemble a circus clown, I can read the labels of items I am contemplating purchasing without dragging out the glasses, I no longer have headaches from the weight of reading glasses on my face.  And… it took so long to be fitted with a pair that worked for me, that I went thru a good six months of free contacts.  The not-so-good points:  As with much else in life, this is a trade-off.  You can read menus without having your dinner partner hold it up across the table from you, but clear distances ?  They’re a thing of the past.  Looking for a particular aisle in the store ?  Good luck with that.  Someone once told me that they were driving and swerved to avoid a man on a bicycle, which turned out to be a mailbox.  Yep… bifocal contacts.  They keep life interesting.

  13. Ha, many are the nights that I have concluded my day with at least a portion of a bottle of vino – fortunately for all of you, I do stay away from my computer.  On the eye front, I sympathize – I can’t even wear my contact lenses anymore since my eyes are so dried out, and the dr told me I will need bifocals this year.  I wonder if they make bifocal contacts for people with dry eyes?  Glad the bunny has recovered.  We now have a hamster named Squeaky.  He doesn’t growl, or even squeak. . .  He does do this impressive flip whenever I startle him, though.  I had no idea hamsters could move that fast.I must tell you that I saw an ad for this on my subscription notice for your post:  The irony of this appearing with your post notwithstanding, I’m not entirely sure I like Xanga throwing this at me when I open my email. . .  MKR

  14. I believe in addition to bifocal contacts, they also make them so that one eye corrects for distance and one for closeup work. Me, I’m just in bifocal glasses so can’t speak from experience on the contact front. I gave up on them long ago.I remember having an old reel to reel recording of Arlo Guthrie that I loved listening to as a kid. My sister just heard him live a few weeks ago and said he is STILL fantastic and quite the entertainer. 

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