Like many of you, I’ve often wondered, what is the secret to a long life?  So I googled it.  Seems a variety of theories have been developed.


The New York Times reports that the longer you stay in school, the better your health and the longer your life.  Which sounds like just the excuse I’ve been looking for to go back to grad school and resume my coffee-shop-hanging days.  Oh wait…


According to the Sydney Morning Herald, people who exact revenge fare better than those that grin and bear it.  So watch what y’all say to me, yo.


The Seattle Times discussed 110 year old Eva Fridell.  Her secret: Crown Royal whiskey.  I prefer wine, but I’m sure it works just as well.


USA Today spoke to four people in their 100’s.  The first attributed her longevity to “faith and kosher food.”  Number two said “The Lord keeps me, my dear, I don’t keep myself.”  A spry 102-year-old said he enjoys “reading, telling jokes, and singing Jewish songs.”  And the fourth centenarian volunteers at a hospital once a week and follows baseball.  The story didn’t actually say that Jews live longer, but the implications are clear.


Dr. Roy Walford advocates extreme calorie restriction to lengthen one’s life.  It might work, but at the cost of 150 years sans chocolate.  So. Not. Worth it.


National Geographic looked at 200 centenarians—Jews again!—and found that very old people had exceptionally large lipoprotein molecules.  Hmm, not much lifestyle help there.


One hundred year old Edward Rondthaler credits his long and healthy life to clean living, good genes, and regular cold showers.  Not sure what that says about the quality of his life.


When it comes right down to it, I think Michelle Shocked said it best:

The secret to a long life
Is knowing  when it’s time to go


17 thoughts on “THE SECRET TO A LONG LIFE

  1. That’s just awesome.   May we live to be centurians!  Then we can compare notes! (Really, the trade-off….no chocolate, no pizza….get to live to be 100…no chocolate, no pizza…live to be 100…um, yeah…chocolate, pizza….mmmmmmmmmm)

  2. There was an article in the paper the other day about some ex-doctor who is touting his new book –  Apparently if we all eat a strictly vegan diet with no fats of any kind we will live longer, or die of something other than heart disease, at any rate.  Please – food is more than just fuel.  Why would I want to live longer if I was eating a diet like that?  No chocolate?  No cheese?  What’s the point?  I’d rather live like the late Queen Mum – be a curmudgeon and drink a shot of gin every morning, live to be 100+. 

  3. Sounds to me like they all are satisfied with their lives, have good genes,and do whatever the hell they want.I’m for that, except I have really bad hypertension genes.But hey, I figure by the time Hubs kicks it and my kids are complaining about prostate trouble, I’ll be ready for home.Fun post.

  4. With Social Security being the way it is and the prospects of my husband and I not making more money than we do now, I don’t know that I want to live to be 100+.  I really don’t want to be living on cat food…

  5. We Romanians are a hearty people, famous for our longevity.  Our secret?  Well, perhaps it’s time for me to admit that Dead Romanian Ancestor Day should really be UNDEAD Romanian Ancestor Day.

  6. I saw a study not too long ago that said that short women live longer.  Since I come from a very long (short?) line of women who have lived to the age of 100 or better, I’m thinking I’m in good shape at 5’0″.   

  7. while a decreased calorie intake may make you live longer, feeling hungry all the time probably just makes it seem that way. The secret to living a long life is avoiding death, that’s the long and the short of it. 

  8. Yeah, I throw my vote behind the Queen Mum too. The other secret is just being too damned busy to die. This leads me to believe I will be immortal. Which I really like the idea of.  Although I may convert to Judaism, just to be on the safe side. I will be the Vengeful Jew … 180 and still going strong!!

  9. I don’t think I want to live to be 100.  I’d settle for 80.  Maybe even 77.  I think I took a Blogthings quiz that said at the rate I was going, I’d live to be 77.  Apparently blogging and tap dancing don’t go as far as cold showers and extreme dieting.  Or being Jewish.

  10. I’ve looked into the caloric restriction thing and I think it’s the most scientifically valid of all of those things.  The major thing that ages people is cellular damage from free radical production, which is an inevitable part of how we make energy. So reducing the total caloric intake reduces how many free radicals we produce, reducing cellular damage and slowing aging.  And I think an 1800 cal/day diet technically would BE caloric restriction for most americans, which actually isn’t too terribly restricted.  I don’t know.  I think it’s interesting, that’s for sure.  Mostly it’s luck, I think! 

  11. I think genes play a HUGE role.  My Great Grandma lived to be 104, and until her mid-90’s (when she lived alone), she smoked, and she drank a “highball” every day at 5pm.  She was my Dad’s mother’s Mom.  Dad’s Mom, my Grandma Dot is turning 90 this summer, and I swear she has more energy than I do.  Now on my Dad’s father’s side, there is some crazy longevity too.  We found a picture in a Time magazine about ten years back of a “Christian Mortensen” from Denmark, with a big ‘ole cigar in his mouth; he was listed as one of the oldest people living in America.  He was like 115.  So my Mom called Grandma Dot, and they are like 99% sure that he was my Dad’s great uncle (my Dad’s dad’s brother, I think).  . . .Anyway, yeah, I’m planning on living a loooong time.  ;)P.S.  Cutting out chocolate is completely out of the question.

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