Who doesn’t get a frisson of childish pleasure out of watching a parade go by?  The brightly colored floats, ridden by smiling strangers in even more colorful costumes.  The marching bands.  The baton twirlers.  The mobs of people jostling for space on the curb.  What’s not to love?


And who are those lucky folks that get to be IN that parade?  Yesterday it was me and Tigger.


Seattle’s Pride Parade happens every June, to coincide with the anniversary of Stonewall, and no, I don’t mean Stonewall Jackson.  Tig and I marched with the AIDS org I work for.  We wore our agency-branded t-shirts, carried a banner, and waved at the throngs of cheering spectators. 


If you’ve never been to a Gay Event, I assure you it was quite a spectacle.  My 11-year-old admired the elaborate, fruit-encrusted hat of a woman in fancy dress without ever suspecting it was actually a man.  The ROTC (Really Outrageous Twirling Corp) marched just in front of us, frequently stopping to perform a routine with wooden rifles that I’m certain the U.S. Military would disapprove of. 


Politicians swarmed the area.  Hizzoner the Mayor made himself conspicuous.   A King County Councilmember was there in a vintage car with a bevy of blond, re-election-sign-carrying supporters.  And the Grand Marshal was none other than Washington Governor Christine Gregoire.


Thousands of people lined the streets.  They cheered every contingent, even us, even though we weren’t doing anything but marching along.  They cheered us for the work we do, and for turning out, and for being Proud right along with them.  The whole thing was so happy and peaceful and full of love and music and color I started having 60’s flashbacks, even though I was just a little kid in the 60’s.  There was no conflict.  I saw no protestors except for one lone dude with a “turn away from sin, something something Jesus” sign (I couldn’t read the whole thing, too many people in the way), and even he didn’t look like his heart was in it.


We went home tired and overheated (92 degrees yesterday.  Yes, in Seattle!), only to find our house was Disaster Central.  Here’s a mind-boggler for y’all: how did my basement get flooded on a hot summer day without a single drop of rain?  Hint: twas not an act of God, but very much an act of Man.

Hint #2: What happens when you send a man to a toy store with a child in one hand and a credit card in the other?



  1. That sounds like a fun parade.  I have never been to a gay parade.  We would have many protesters here. Even on the 4th of July people sometimes march with signs that declare democrats Satan’s children.  Hmm.  Washing the car mishap?  

  2. Well I get more than a “frisson” (whatever that is….I looked it up and couldn’t find it) out of watching parades.  This one sounds like a doozy.   I was in ROTC way back when and we never had anythng like this.  Glad Tigger enjoyed herself.  Did that man-made flood have anything to do with Technogeek, perhaps?

  3. Ah.  The Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade is this weekend.  I had wanted to go, but one of my best friends is having his birthday Saturday night about an hour away, and I don’t have anyone to go to the Pride event with anyway.  All my college friends are home for the summer, all my high school friends are back in my hometown, and my boyfriend doesn’t think he’d enjoy the festivities very much.I hope to go someday, though.

  4. I love parades!  My small,rather conservative town has never had a Gay Pride event, and I’m not sure how the public would react.  I’d go, though, and enjoy the pageantry!  My niece has made her home in Seattle for the past several years; I’ll have to ask if she’s ever attended.

  5. “frequently stopping to perform a routine with wooden rifles that I’m certain the U.S. Military would disapprove of” – that is hilarious! I am curious about The Mystery Of The Flooding Basement.  I will stay tuned.

  6. i love being in parades… esp. if i get to ride and it isn’t raining ice down your back. and i suspect that memories were made in your basement that will last an entire lifetime… if not longer for said child and dad! 😉

  7. I suspect the flood was caused by way overfilling a child’s inflatable pool in the basement so they could have an indoor swimming pool.   What do I win?

  8. Hey! How DARE you bring a child to a Pride parade! Don’t you know that the GAY could rub right off?! Oh, damn…I can’t keep a straight face even while typing that! (See, I made a funny! “Straight” face?) (crickets chirping)Okay…I’ve always wanted to go to the parade they have in St. Louis, but it’s always too something. Too rainy, too hot, too far away, too in a place where I don’t really want to be in when the sun sets.  Maybe next year I won’t mind the heat.Yay for you and Tig!

  9. Personally I hate a parade.  The only ones I have ever supported at all are the Gay ones, but they’re all corporate now.  Oh well, at least you and Tig had fun!  Next time you should point out that the 7 foot tall woman in a sequin dress and fruit hat is not Carmen Miranda, but in fact a man, and see what she thinks of that?

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