Now that the water’s been mopped out of the basement, my husband has turned his attention to other matters.  And Holy Heartstopper, Batman, he posted!  On a topic near and dear to his heart: booze.  And he might even qualify for inclusion in the Xanga Ladies’ Auxiliary Recipe Exchange, except for that not being a lady part.  Well, he can borrow my chick ID if necessary.

In other news, my 11-year-old, who doesn’t understand why I nicknamed her “Tigger” even though she’s Tiggery as all get out, has been reading this here blog.  That means I can no longer use, shall we say, colorful language, because there’s a jar on the counter where she collects fines for adult verbal malfeasance.  She tries to, anyway.  The major malfeasor in the house refuses to pay.  (No, “malfeasor” is not a real word, but then neither is “felicify,” and Tigger had to memorize that in school, so I can malfease if I want to.)

Tig thinks my blog is hysterically funny.  This could be because
a. It IS hysterically funny
b. She’s weird
c. She’s humoring her old mom
d. Let’s just go with a., shall we?


Did you hear that?  That was a firework of some sort, exploding somewhere in my neighborhood, with more to come I’m sure.  Yes, unauthorized fireworks being set off by non-professionals is strictly illegal around here, and yet, KABOOM, til all hours of the night.  Malfeasance run amok! 

Well, have an excellent Independence Day, internet friends, and please don’t set off any f^&%$ fireworks near my house.  There may be fines.


17 thoughts on “HELLO TIGGER

  1. As much as I love a great fireworks display, I really don’t want to hear any tonight.  SP has not been sleeping well, and those %@*# fireworks will wake her up.  And when she’s up, I’m up.  Happy Independence Day!

  2. I’m am also a curmudgeon when it comes to the illegal fireworks displays by drunken idiots.  And yet, the rest of the neighborhood seems to think it is a great idea.  Happy Fourth — stay safe!

  3. Just fines!  Fireworks around here can sometimes be fatal…..last year a crazed guy killed three unruly neighbors who were fireworking after midnight (if you can use malfeasor I can use fireworking).  Tell Technogeek to please save me one of those summer cocktails.   BTW, how did Tigger get access to the previously off limits blog?

  4. I agree with Bad Dogma, Tigger will be blogging soon.  Maybe I’ll even suggest it to her. ( Better tell me quick if you don’t want her to blog!!)   It’s always good to know what your child is thinking…especially a child as bright as Tig.  I think it’s very interesting that SHE is the one collecting money for YOUR verbal malfeasance, instead of the other way around!       A Happy 4th to Everyone!

  5. HI TIGGER and WELCOME !I love fireworks but know better than to dabble myself and have always had respect enough to leave them to the pros… my grandfather knew several persons (at least one was a relative if distant memory serves me correctly) who had hands, fingers or worst blown off.I can’t really negotiate crowds anymore, so happily the condo where we live offers an excellent view of the town of Penfield’s 4th of July fireworks display.   It’s not Boston or NYC, or even Rochester, but they prompted plenty of OOOOHS and AHHHHHS from this grownup last evening. Even our cat, Sasha, hung out in the doorway and watched.

  6. Strictly illegal?  Really?  Half of Portland heads to Washington to get the “illegal stuff”.  In Portland we’re not allowed to have anything that shoots more than 6 ft off of the ground.Maybe its a county or city thing.

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