It’s a techie week for Tigger.  She’s taking a Digital Photography class in the mornings, followed by a Web Design class in the afternoons.  I can’t help but notice that those options were not available to ME when I was a child.  Harrumph. 

Some of her photographic efforts:

What is this?  I do not know.

Yes, there is a fish in the sidewalk.  I do not know why.

A study in perspective.  Or a wry comment on religion.  Or simple
astonishment at the unexpected appearance of the sun in Seattle.

Penguin.  Not his natural habitat.

Little green dude in Tigger’s size 8(!) crocs.

Self portrait.


15 thoughts on “THE ARTIST AS A CHILD

  1. great photos, hysterical commentary.  we didn’t have those options when we were kids kids because it was still relatively safe to ride our bikes to the park, the library or wherever our hearts delighted on a summer afternoon.

  2. Note to those two HARRUMPHERS (you know who you are):   When you were children, the only web design available was drawing pictures of spiders or maybe Spider-Man.   When I was that age, the log cabins didn’t even have phones yet.

  3. That is my stuffed penguin Fluff there. He needs a bath. No, the window-shadow picture was nothing about religion, our class assignment was taking pics of patterns, so I took a picture of the shadow of the windows in the hallway. TR is telling me to stop typing and go to bed, so until later, alligators (and other random people)

  4. Yeah, I was helping out briefly with a Rock Band Camp we put on at church and we were showing youtube videos to the kids to talk about stage presence, etc and I realized they had never lived without the internet.  Isn’t that a bizarre concept?

  5. Tigger will thank you for the web design class, trust me.  As my father lay dying I continuously berated him for not buying me a computer and making me play with it when I was a kid.

  6. @S__Diddy – ahh… I was wondering about that… (and yes i am THE famous tigger who is famous for being TRs awesome child) my friend Dark Fairy (blog name) is complaining that im not mentioning her in this comment so now i am and i might as well say something about dragon who is trying to figure out my rubix cube. and failing. at midnight.

  7. marhaba! Yo peeps! The pics are amazine the one of the shadows in the hallway is so sweet. Tigger is like my best friend so thats why i m like here. Oh yeah…Make up artists and costume designers rock! and marhaba means hello in Egyptian arabic.

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