Web travelers, please advise me. 

My non-profit org wants to dive into social networking to increase our visibility and of course raise $$.  We’re already on MySpace and Facebook.  Where else should we be?  I’m looking at:

Second Life

Have you experience with these venues?  Recommended or not?  And where else should I be looking?  Remember I’m old and not hip to the latest grooves.  As you can see.

Any assistance you render in this matter will earn you extra karma and a reduced interest rate on the mortgage for your house in heaven.  Thank you.


12 thoughts on “HELP THE POOR OLDSTER

  1. I’m going to a conference next week on online marketing, so if they have any ideas I’ll let you know.My non-profit is currently on myspace, facebook and youtube.We just hired a new marketing person and during the interviews someone talked about putting up a storefront in 2nd life.

  2. Don’t forget LinkedIn – seems to be the spot for people of a certain age (sadly, that means 40), many of whom have cash.  I have yet to see any return on the 5 minutes worth of time it took me to set up my site, but I have  connected with a handful of old college classnates, which is cool.

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