Remember the husband-made flood?  If you read the comments on that post, you know that Technogeek accused me of HOPING the poorly located above-ground pool would flood the basement.  You may have been shocked by his remark.  Concerned, even.  Is Technogeek paranoid?  Are the Rabbits a family at risk? 


Brace yourselves for this confession, friends.  I did.  I DID hope the pool would collapse and flood the basement.  There, I’ve said it.  Here’s why.


The basement was stuffed to the rafters with the detritus of his pack-rat life, a defunct business, and god-knows-what-all-else.  And for years, YEARS people, he’d been claiming he was going to clear it out and turn the space into a proper rec room in which we could LOCK THE CHILDREN, um, I mean, send the children to play with their toys and their art supplies and the new big screen TV and video game system that I, against my better judgment, said we could get when he cleared out the basement.


Understand that I never expected this to happen. 


Until he set up that poorly located above-ground pool.  Then I had just a glimmer of hope.  Perhaps the low side of the pool would collapse, and a GAZILLION GALLONS OF WATER would pour into the basement, creating a sodden mess out of all that debris.  Then, and only then, my husband would get that crap out of there.


And it came to pass.


After the initial frantic clean up, I suspected he would again lapse into inaction.  Instead, he’s been quite industrious, pitching everything from ancient computer monitors (about TEN of them, I kid you not) to… I don’t know what else because I couldn’t actually identify most of that stuff. 


Then he put down the missing bits of the vinyl tile floor (ok, I had to pelt him with cat toys to get his butt down there and do that).  And now, as we speak, he’s nailing up drywall. 


Last weekend he and the kids went TV and video game browsing.  Tigger wants “Legend of Zelda.”  Little Bit likes “Guitar Hero.” 


When the wall’s done TGeek will put up Ikea shelving, and then it will be time to buy the brain draining devices.  And the kids and their pals and their vast collection of art projects and materials can move on downstairs—HALLELUJAH!  


There’s another thing that’s been cluttering up the basement: far too many bottles of wine.  I think when TGeek’s done with that wall tonight we’ll have ourselves a little relaxation time. 


All because he flooded the basement.

Edit: No wine was had.  We went exhausted to bed, even if the tweens in the next room did not.





13 thoughts on “POST-DILUVIAN SUMMER

  1. yes i will admit i agree with you- the flood for sure sped up the cleaning up process. Dark Fairy and Dragon say hi. TWEENS IS AN IDIOTIC TERM. I notice you were listening to They Might Be Giants when you posted this- they’re funny. Although I’m a fan of Taylor Swift myself. Gazillion isn’t a number. Dark Fairy and Dragon say hi again! I these smilies!

  2. Hmmm. . . our pool is solidly in the ground, but I have an outdoor shed that it is in dire need of exactly the same type of flooding due to precisely the same problem. What do you suggest? I like the pelting with cat toys idea. . .

  3. That post was hilarious.  LOL  Omg.  lol  I’m now thinking I need to assemble a pool outside of my parent’s garage.  Every time I visit them, I’m still amazed at just how filled with useless items a garage can get.  Unfortunately, that’ll never happen.  They already have an in-ground pool and every time I make the attempt to sneak out into the mahem, out of nowhere a parent appears stating, “Wait… there might be a time when we can use those 11 plastic LeCreme containers…”

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