(Please ignore all the links that Xanga in its infinite wisdom elected to insert in this post. It’s nearly midnight and I don’t feel like fixing it.)

Those of you who’ve met me in real life know that somehow, in spite of my inescapable American female-ness, I lack the shopping gene.  The one that makes women swoon over shoes with pointy little heels, even pointier toes, and, (excuse my gagging) bows.  I left it on the DNA cutting floor, that particular string of amino acids.

What shopping I do is often online and narrowly focused on one goal:  bringing me music.

Most recent purchase:

Don’t know Buddy Guy?  He is a low down mean and dirty electric bluesman from Chicago.  Check him out:

This video is decades old, but showcases his lightning fingers.  Skin Deep is his latest release, and the man still flies.  The disc also features guest spots by Eric Clapton (maybe you’ve heard of him), and Susan Tedeschi.  100% worth the Amazon points.Then there’s this one:

People, I love a Big Black Woman who Belts the Blues (BBWBB), and Shemekia is all that.  Buddy Guy’s an old man now, but Shemekia is just a youngster, with years to develop her already considerable power.

Besides music, I sometimes give in and buy something not-yet-raggedy to wear.  Little Bit and I each got one of these from LL Bean:

They have furry fleecy stuff inside that’s so soft and cozy we’re kind of sad the weather’s not cold enough to wear them yet.

Upcoming shopping adventure: school supplies!  I’ll tell you this:

Ticonderogas are the ONLY pencils worth sharpening.


4 thoughts on “TR GOES SHOPPING

  1. I too, in my American female-ness, lack the shopping gene.  In fact, my mom and sister took it and divided it up among themselves.  Me + shopping = hate.  I just bought some goodies from L.L. Bean yesterday….online.I’m glad to know there’s at least one other female out there that doesn’t enjoy the shopping.  I was feeling all alone. 

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