Dear Barack,

I’ve been checking the news reports all week for the big veep announcement, but still, as of 8:50 pm Friday, you are withholding.  I’ve long since gone from curious to irritated.  Keep this kind of thing up and they’ll call you President Drama Queen.

Remember the economy?  The war in Viet Iraq, and the one in Georgia?  The housing crash?  Global warming?  Musharraf’s resignation?  Health care?  Any of this ringing a bell?  Name the guy and get on with it.

Your friend, sort of,

Dear John,

You have to ASK YOUR STAFF how many houses you own?  Dude, remember when Big Daddy Bush went to the grocery store and expressed amazement at those scanner things because he hadn’t bought his own groceries since the Nixon Administration?  Well, you looked even richer-than-thou-er and sleazy besides,  because everyone knows you bought too many houses to keep track of with your trophy wife’s money. 

Not your friend, not one iota,

All that hype and suspense for Joe “now playing the part of Dick Cheney” Biden?

Nothing ever really changes.



  1. It is a bit difficult to relate to someone who hasn’t any idea how many homes they own.  Can he really empathize with someone caught up in the foreclosure craze ?  Or someone debating between medical care and groceries for the week ?  Methinks not.

  2. I was so disappointed that it turned out to be Joe Biden; I’ve never liked that man. I was eager to hear who it was this morning, and to not find out until late tonight who it was, and then find out it was him- well, blech. Lisa

  3. Does McCain ever answer any question?  It seems as if he always decisively says nothing.  As for the vp–there had better be some women in that man’s cabinet or Michelle and I are going to take him down. 

  4. You know, Mcain is old, it happens, one day you can’t remember how many houses you own and the next you can’t remember how many boats or cars or jets.  Give the man a break.

  5. At first I thought McCain having to ask his staff was ridiculous, but maybe he owns lots of houses as investment properties and not places where he actually lives.  I could see losing track of the number if that were the case.  Or maybe he didn’t want to stand there like an idiot counting on his fingers, “Well there’s the lodge in Vail, and the cottage on Nantucket, and…”

  6. Joe Biden?!?  Wow, the most lackluster choice possible.  Instead of a dream team, now they have Mr. Inexperience and Mr. Boring Establishment.  The democrats can ruin just about everything.  They take the most exciting primaries and democratic race in my lifetime, and instead of Hillary who brings experience, battle tested toughness, and great ideas, they give us Joe Biden.  I’m voting Libertarian, and I’m going to complain like anything when we get McCain.

  7. Well, I guess we can count on Biden to replace Bush in giving us a steady stream of verbal diarrhea to be reprised on all the late night talk shows.  That is, if he ever comes out of his undisclosed location running the shadow government long enough to give a statement.

  8. Re your previous post – that hooded sweatshirt looks SO COMFORTABLE!  Wow. It almost makes me want to go buy one.  I kind of have a hooded zip-up sweatshirt addiction, I have to admit.  It’s because I live in a state that hyper-air conditions during the summer so I always have to wear a sweater inside even if it is melting outside.  The only comment I have on politics is that it seems like this presidential race has been going on for A VERY LOOOOOOONG time. 

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