Help!  I’ve got a deadline looming and I’m stuck stuck stuck.

Here’s the situation.  People with AIDS live in our facility, where they get 24-hour care and oodles of support.  The residents have no resources of their own–none, nada, zip.  Medicaid pays the agency $X per resident per day to provide these services.  But it actually costs a lot more.  The difference between what Medicaid pays and what it actually costs is $118 per resident per day.

Ok, here’s where you can help.  I’m asking a foundation to dip into their pockets and help by donating that gap money for one resident for a year: $118 x 365 = $43,070.  I need a name for this project.  Something short yet informative and emotionally evocative.  See?  This job is harder than it looks. 

So what should I call it?  Project _______________.

Winning suggestion gets 1,000 karma points, good for several days off your time in purgatory.  Thank you.


19 thoughts on “HELP TR DO HER JOB

  1. Just do like the Christian Children’s Fund and send them a picture of the resident most likely to elicit sympathy.  If you have young children of color in your facility you should have no problems.But seriously, turningreen has the right sort of idea.  Maybe “Project Bridge the Gap”?

  2. Good Samaritan.  Or Project Love Thy Neighbor.Unless the Biblical references bother you, and then maybe Project Fill The Gap, or Project Lean on Me, or Project Give a Year.  Or Project 24/7, 365.  Or Project Every Day Paid.

  3. I’d call it Project 118… but I guess that sounds more like a band name. How about Project Medicaid-aid? No? Project Enough? Project Maslow? … your job is hard.~Q

  4. So, what is tr’s take on the Grand Old Party choosing a woman as VP running  mate? I’m waiting to read my favorite feminists’ reaction. (Okay, so you’re the only feminist I know, but there’s no need to parse words.) Politics sure makes great theater!

  5. Hmm…I know it sounds corny, but how about project Aid? Or some sort of “play” of words on AIDS. “AID for those suffering with AIDS.” Or, give us some goddamn money, motherfuckers! You know you have it, and you know we need it. Gimme, gimme, GIMME!  (The cussin’s from the fact that I hate when this type of thing happens. Medicaid/care pays only so much, and then you’re pretty much screwed.)

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