One of the annoying things about Republicans is the way they
oppose all progressive social change until it becomes completely mainstream,
and then they co-opt it and pretend they were in favor of it all along.  That’s how I know gay marriage is a done
deal.  Not only will it be legal in all
50 states, but by 2038 the GOP will be claiming it was their idea.

Cases in point:

  • There
    was Rudy G at the Republican National Convention, howling “how DARE they ask
    if Sarah Palin will have enough time to spend with her family when she
    gets elected Vice President.  Has
    that question ever been asked of a MAN?” 
    Can you hear the Twilight Zone music growing gradually louder?
  • Sarah
    Palin took the stage and introduced her parents, explaining that they had
    taught her that “any woman could walk through any open door.”  My jaw actually dropped.  You mean those doors that were WRENCHED
    Are those the open doors you are referring to, Sarah?
  • Later
    in the speech, Sarah explained that we needed to elect a Republican
    administration in order to “challenge the status quo in Washington.”  Where does one even begin with that?

Was it a good speech? 
Baby, it was a corker of a speech. 
Downside for the Repubs: Sarah is so freaking cool that when McCain came
lumbering out he looked like Quasimodo standing next to her.

And no, I didn’t watch his acceptance speech.  Who cares what McCain has to say?  Or Joe “Damnit, why didn’t he pick a woman instead of this blowhard” Biden?  This race is Barack vs. Sarah now.  Let the games begin.



  1. oh my gosh are you ever deadon right here!  Palin was so much more dynamic, well spoken and personable than McCain and the hug was EWWWWWW weird vibes LOL.  what scares me most is that she might just do it for them, and that makes me shudder.

  2. “This race is Barack vs. Sarah now.  Let the games begin.”So true. . .And this when I had officially decided to jump ship and vote my Libertarian conscience.  I’m not a swing voter; I’m a Republican.  But I’m fed up with G.W.’s administration.  Then they march out the beautiful, intelligent, pro-life, Mom-of-five.  They’re killing me.  Papa Bear’s holding fast.  He says if she alligns herself with (“we’ll get the job in Iraq done, if it takes a hundred years”) McCain, then he can’t vote for her. 

  3. love her or hate her… but it’s hard to discount her! and i’m glad to see a strong woman who is a working mother running for national office and being taken seriously. she’s a change agent even if she doesn’t win!

  4. I’m not sure that the “woman in the kitchen” wing of the party has had much sway since the across-the-pond love affair with Margaret Thatcher.  And just because there’s cognitive dissonance involved doesn’t mean the sexism isn’t real.  I don’t see anyone photoshopping Obama’s head on a Chippendale model or manufacturing PILF shirts. 

  5. it’s a circus for sure … don’t trust Palin at all … the Rethugs are all about power & money, & have no respect for women,  or the average working person either… hoping the Rethugs won’t win, but if they do — you can be sure that McCain won’t live much past the inauguration…

  6. Quasimodo?  I laughed out loud–and I’d forgotten who the “real” quasimodo, but remembered a book I read where the family’s pet pigeon was named Quasimodo.  McCain is somewhat pigeonlike.

  7. Get a grip, TR.   Even the London bookies are wagering how long she will be on the ticket.   Luckily, most American voters will realize that her PTA membership and her vast foreign policy experience, which consists of Alaska’s proximity to Russia, is a joke.   If you liked the past eight years of America’s global disaster, vote for Bush III and IV.

  8. @Barn_Bear – As opposed to Obama’s vast foreign policy experience?  Or for that matter, the foreign policy experience of Governors George W. Bush and Bill Clinton when they were first elected?  In this election, I don’t think Palin’s lack of experience will matter much.  She’s the Republicans’ answer to Obama’s charisma, just as Biden is the Democrats’ answer to McCain’s experience.But I’m not placing my bets just yet in London or anywhere else.  First I want to see how everyone fares when they debate.

  9. Yeah, it’s Barack vs. Sarah, and for some reason, I could give less than a shit about either. Palin because of all the stuff you mentioned above, and plus the fact that they keep mentioning that she has a child with Trisomy 21.  Do you know how many damned families have kids with Trisomy 21?! Does this make her some sort of special angel or something, or just another mother who has do deal with more than some?As for Obama, I was through with his ass when 1. Kennedy endorsed him, stating that he could bring back Camelot or some shit like that–y’all know they didn’t have no black people in Camelot! ; and 2. of course, the fact that he didn’t pick Hillary.  Could you imagine the kick ass speech SHE could’ve given? She’d have kicked Palin’s ass all over the lot and not even picked up a sweat.  Here’s some advice from future politicians: anytime you can have a Clinton on your side, you do it. Yeah, they’re crooked as the day is long, but did you hear Bill Clinton’s speech?  Hell, it made me forget all about what’s his name’s speech….you know, the presidential candidate?  You just NEED politicians like Clinton, Reagan, etc., who can speak so well that they make you forget all the shit they’re pulling over on you. (Clinton: cuts in welfare), (Reagan: no more free college in California, and the fact that he screwed a lot of actors over–including himself!–when he denied residual rights for movies that were made before 1960. Yeah, I know that was before he was president, but it still sucks.)

  10. I guess what bugs me is that if the Dems go after the Amazin’  – Trail Blazin’ (sarcasm dripping here) Mrs. Palin, it will be a case of bullying.  How come no one thought it was a problem regarding Hillary Clinton.  Oh yeah, right – ’cause it’s the angry lefty liberals and the biased media now, huh?Well, if Sarah Palin gets elected due to a lot of votes coming in from women who think she’s really on their side, then all I can say is that I shall be thoroughly ashamed, on the whole, of my gender.Ministry of Truth?  Oh dear, Carolina17 – I do believe you hit the nail squarely on its reactionary little head – except for the pretty soon part.  That’s already here, more or less.  Unfortunately.

  11. The writer Dan Savage made an excellent point on Real Time with Bill Maher last night:  If it were Obama with a pregnant 17 yr old daughter, and her boyfriend was a thug with a MySpace page similar to Palin’s future son-in-law’s… this election would be over.  Now.  The thing that really frosts my ass, is that you KNOW exactly how this would be playing if the situations were reversed.  And people like Palin would be leading that charge. 

  12. Yeah, I think the thing that gets me about Republicans is the shocking hypocrisy.  Shocking!  How can they even think coherent thoughts when they have a constant double standard about all moral issues?  It is quite bizarre.  

  13. RYC:  I meant for you to see my reply comment today, not yesterday This campaign and all of its ramifications are stressing me out, big-time.  I’m off to play in my Scrabble match.

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