I tell you, any birthday that includes slogging through federal grant applications cannot be the best one ever, or even in the top five, but when you’re turning 43 and you’re in relatively good health and you don’t have a kid in intensive care with a broken back and an unknown degree of brain damage because he crashed his brand new motorcycle, you really have nothing to complain about.


Especially if, like me, your husband brought you pho for dinner.  If you’ve not had pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) because you don’t live on the Pacific Rim where Asian food joints don’t outnumber Starbucks (like anything could) but come close, you ought to come for a visit sometime and try it. 


Also, TGeek and the kiddies got me the present I requested: Wii Fit (see above, re: turning 43).  It’s a fun program, and a little snarky if you want to know the truth.  It begins by assessing your sorry self.  You stand on the board and it weighs you and tells you what your body mass index is and shames you into setting a goal to reduce it.  I’m happy to say that mine is 23, which falls in the “normal” range, but the Wii informs me that 22 is optimal so I’d better drop 10 pounds, pronto. 


Then the program tests your balance and apparently I failed dismally, because it says my Wii fitness age is 49.  On my 43rd birthday.  That’s cold. 


Then you play the games.  There are balance games, aerobic workouts, strength training, and yoga.  This is not sit-on-your-fat-ass-and-make-your-avatar-exercise-with-a-joystick stuff, this is get-off-your-fat-ass-and-exercise-your-own-self stuff.  You have an avatar too, of course.  Mine is called DeeDee.


So I put in 30 minutes of exercise and with regular practice I’ll get my age down to 48 in a few weeks.  Perhaps when, someday, my real age and my Wii age match up, the sky will open and rainbows of gold will fall like hail, denting the windshields of our souls.


No, I don’t know what that meant either.  Hey, I oughta be a politician!  I am the one I’ve been waiting for!


Tomorrow, alas, more grant slogging to be done.  But DeeDee will be waiting for me when I return.  And maybe, hopefully, the boy in intensive care (friend of a friend), who has already beaten the odds several times (he’s alive, for one), will inch along  toward recovery.  Yeah, 43 is not so bad.






  1. Another foray into the perimeter of wisdom! You, yes you indeed, are the one you’ve been waiting for!  Strike while the iron is hot, make hay while the sun shines, be all you can be!  Congratulations on 43! I was 43 for awhile last year. We’re so alike. Our souls also have a ragtop, you can open the roof and let the sunshine in, but you might have to get off the Pacific Rim to find any!

  2. Dear Young Adventurer,Life begins at forty, so I hope you’re feeling sportyforty three is young you see, spread wings, fly freebalance, dance,  paint  rainbows as you maybelated greetings for your forty third birthdayAffectionately and weirdly worded by a fellow VirgoSaturday for me completes number seventy fiveand yes,I’m glad to be aliveFor rabbits, rainbows and colorfulcharlottes, many good wishes!

  3. LOL.  My husband got me a Wii Fit for my birthday and I love it!  I feel like a dork (on those occasions when the reality of an overweight 31-yr-old gyrating on a plastic platform kicks in), but it’s so much fun – especially once all the games and exercises open up and you have so many options.  I refuse to hula hoop when anyone else is in the house, however.

  4. Happy birthday. I too was 43 once. As I recall, it was a good year. I really enjoyed my forties, kind of came to life, as it were (although it appears you already have.) Keep up the good fight.

  5. You are indeed blessed.   There were no Wii anythings when I hit 43 so I didn’t have to do that stuff.  Hope all those  golden rainbows follow you around always.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

  6. Happy Birthday, T.R!!  In the grand scheme of things we are very blessed, no?  I sometimes feel like we’ve hit the cosmic lottery (yes, weird metaphor for someone who believes in a sovereign God) to have 5 perfectly healthy children.  Wii Fit sounds fun.  I’m guessing that I would do well with a balance assessment kind of thing (martial arts past and all), but I’m afraid my weight has topped just out of the “normal” range into “you need to lose a few” range. 

  7. Mister Bubby prefers pho to any other food on earth.  After our Ducks game last week I had to hit up my seatmates to find a decent Pho place in Eugene.  He’s even decided that he prefers Pho Hoai to Pho Hung but I’ve convinced him to try Pho Tango the next time we go out.  What kind of snobs am I turning my kids into?

  8. happy belated birthday. i am so jealous… at least i think i am – about your Wii fitness… unless it starts harassing and calling you names you if you don’t keep up the fitness routine. LOL then i don’t think i want one. sounds bad enough that it actually calculates your fitness age. gold denting our souls… kind of sent me to lala land!

  9. Happy birthday!When I saw the ad for Wii Fit, I thought it was a joke.  Also, probably an abomination.  But then my sister got one, and I played it, and it’s awesome.  Wii Yoga.  That’s what I’m talking about.Oh, and pho is delicious.

  10. Damn, forgot the birthday.  Sounds like it was quite happy nonetheless, and now you’ve given me an excellent present idea for my own 43rd.  Happy Bday, only-slighter-older-than-me friend.  :p  Keep passing the open windows.

  11. Happy birthday!  Yay for requested presents!  I hope you have lost of fun and become Queen of the Wii.  Do you know, I don’t even know what a wii looks like? I am so out of the loop.  Maybe I need to do some googling… Hope grant writing is a lucrative success! (-:

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