I ask you, what could be better than having your 8th birthday fall on a Saturday?


Little Bit’s day:

  1. Dad delivered her favorite breakfast: eggs benedict.
  2. Presents!
  3. Played all her favorite Wii Fit games (yes, that was my present a couple of weeks ago, but it has proven to be popular with the whole family).
  4. Tried out a new toy—one of these:


Assessment from both girls: COOOOOL.


  1. Went to grocery store to pick out cupcakes and rode in the car without a booster seat for the first time.
  2. Ate lunch and blew out candle in cupcake while family sang required tune.
  3. Tried out a new game—this one:


Assessment from mom of girls: it caused them to run around the backyard ‘til they were flushed and panting…COOOOL.


  1. Watched a movie.
  2. Went to favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.
  3. Little Bit wore the Happy Birthday crown she got in school yesterday to the restaurant.  A gentleman around the age of John McCain approached our table and asked if it was, in fact, her birthday.  She assured him that it was.  He said that since his grandchildren lived in Kansas, he didn’t have any kids to spoil, and so he gave her a present–$5.  His wife, at a nearby table, beamed in our direction.  How sweet is that?  Just when I think the whole world stinks, some kind person comes along and spoils my bad mood.


  1. Came home and watched the end of the movie.


  1. Happy Birthday Little Bit.  Your mom loves you bigger than the moon. 




19 thoughts on “EIGHT IS GREAT

  1. Hey, we’re almost birthday mates, Little Bit!  Give or take 32 years.  And I had eggs benedict for my birthday brunch today!!   Great minds think alike… 🙂    Happy birthday to your big girl!

  2. Awww…that’s so sweet!  I’m trying to remember when my 8th birthday was….1974+10-2=1982.  Funnily enough, I remember my 7th birthday better.And booster seats?! What are those?  Hell, you mean she didn’t just sit in a regular seat (with/without a seatbeat), and in MY day, those were lap belts back there, not shoulder harnesses.Dammit, you kids, get off my lawn!  It’s time for me to go to bed!

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