Dear Joe,
You did great.  No complaints. Thank you for leaving President Roosevelt’s 1929 television appearances out of it.

Dear Sarah,
Doggone it, how come you can say “Ahmadinejad” but you can’t say “nuclear?”

Dear Gwen,
Your questions were too broad, and you allowed Palin WAY too much off-topic veering.  And why did you not ask about AIDS policy?  I want Jon Stewart moderating next time.


12 thoughts on “NUCULAR VEEPS

  1. Oh Picky Picky!  Sarah was adorable!  She had streaks in her hair to die for!  Joe hardly has hair, never mind adorable streaks!  Her glasses are so cute, and her smile is cuter than his, too!  She winks in the camera.  Who cares how she pronounces anything; it’s probably her adorable Alaskan accent making the mispronunciations.  Let’s face it, Sarah is too good to be vice president. They should throw McCain off the ticket and make her president…no wait, president isn’t good enough for her.  With a smile that cute, she should be queen! 

  2. What’s with Biden talking so much about Scranton?  I think his parents were from Scranton.  Or maybe it was his grandparents.  Or maybe he’s watched the Office a couple of times.  I know it’s hard to get any sort of small-town cred when you’re from urban New England but stick to the facts.  Your dad was a used car dealer?  Use that one instead.  But other than that you’re spot on.  Biden kept his foot out of his mouth and Palin played Reagan.  But I was really waiting for Biden to come up with some sort of  “You’re no Jackie Kennedy” line. 

  3. Biden was the winner but the loser was Gwen with her inability to keep Might Mooseslayer on topic.   MM spoke as if there was no question to be addressed.   She didn’t win but expectations were so low she didn’t self-destruct either.  When MM uses her cutsie  gosh darn charm on Putin, he will beg us to take all those silly willy nukes off his hands and put them in Alaska.

  4. Sister Sara’s performance….AAAAAHHHH, just what I thought it would be. The woman is a phoney through and through and completely unqualified. I truly don’t want to go through the next four years with someone like her in the White House….(or John McBush either) I have had enough!

  5. As I heard from a professor that was a speechwriter for (hell, someone important, Carter, Johnson, I don’t remember, but you’ll see why I don’t remember in a moment), Palin went off on her weird-ass rants because of the moderator herself.  Ms. Ifill had the wrong complexion for Palin and McCain (now, that’s just what HE noticed), and he also noticed that when McCain and Obama shook hands for the first debate, not only did Obama shake McCain’s hand, he also grasped the forearm, yet McCain didn’t look him in the eye at all.  Damn, I wish I could watch that over again to see what he was talking about.  I did notice it when Lehrer kept saying that he wanted the candidates (Presidential) to look at one another when answering questions, so I guess the professor has some kind of theory.And Palin, goddamn, go to a speech coach! We’ve got one at our pitiful little junior college that I work, so I know you could get a good’un.  And as for bringing up your kids and stuff, BAD MOVE!  I didn’t expect Biden to counter her answer with what happened in his life–I’d no idea that stuff happened.  And anyhoo, who gives a fuck about your kids?! You’re running for vice-president.  I’m with Ferraro, if SHE’D pulled that crap in ’84, they’d have roasted her alive, but she mentions it, and it’s all “Yay!”And no, I’m not sold on Obama, if you’re thinking I hate Republicans, so let’s get that clear. Also, there WAS a reason why Ifill couldn’t get Palin to keep on topic–Palin came there to actually ignore Ifill–I’m telling you, if that moderator was Lehrer, she’d have stayed on topic.  I’d bet an African Spam Dollar on it.

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