Fourteen years ago, when I first met Technogeek, he had a pregnant cat.  A few weeks later she birthed six kittens, and I fell head over heels in love with one of them.  He was the biggest of the litter, fat and clumsy, with tuxedo markings and the most wonderful white whiskers.  I named him Benjamin.

Over the years, Benjamin has been a steadfast friend, a loving companion, and an integral part of our lives.  He has been especially close to Technogeek.  On many a lazy Sunday afternoon, they could be found curled up on the bed together, Benjamin’s chin resting on TGeek’s arm. 

Not this Sunday.

Benjamin’s health has been poor for years, but he trucked on and on.  He became very ill a few days ago.  TGeek nursed him lovingly, feeding him with a syringe, carrying him to the litter box, trips to the vet, medicines.

This morning Benjamin purred while TGeek fed and petted him.  I hope my husband will remember the purring more than what came after.

Goodbye Benjamin.  You were the kitten of my heart. 



  1. Alas poor benjamin.  I will always remeber the day he fell asleep on a low tree limb in the back yard, and fell out of the tree.  I don’t think he woke up until he hit the ground.  He got up with that, “What the hell happened” kind of look, shook himself and then wandered back into the house looking for food.  I will miss him as well.

  2. Aww, I am sorry. Like Canadian Broad said – it’s always hard to lose a family member, human or not. I am glad he had a good life with your family.p.s. he looks just like my Georgie; tuxedo, white whiskers, fat, too!

  3. My sympathies to you and TechnoGeek–I was stupid enough once to feed a stray kitten that had wandered into my next door neighbor’s garage. Of course, winter was coming, she wouldn’t get into the car to go to the vet (not even with Oscar Meyer luncheon meat!), and so, had to be taken away by animal control.  I purposely had a recital that night. My parents were so sad they had tears in their eyes.  So, long story short, for me, NO PETS! (Dammit, it’s hard enough to lose people–it’s just as hard to lose pets! )

  4. oh no. i don’t know how i missed this last week. i am so sorry for your loss. my 20 year old cat died just a little over 2 years ago. it was so very hard. may your hearts be made light by the joyful memories of your dear sweet benjamin.

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