It seems I last posted on Saturday, and here it is Thursday
afternoon.  I used to blog much more
frequently.  Apparently I haven’t much to
say these days.  My brother has even less
to say, and frankly, I’ve got a problem with that.

We’re a modern, millennial kind of family, by which I mean I
depend on my bro’s blog to keep tabs on him, his wife, and most importantly, my
nephew.  I rarely see them since they live a gazillion miles from me.  (Actually, 2,146 miles, according to WikiAnswers.)  Sure, I could call or email and
demand nephew updates, but I prefer to read a carefully thought out, well
constructed nephew story.  I don’t have
time for chit chat, and we’re not the chitting or chatting types, bad_dogma and

So please barrage my recalcitrant sibling with demands for
posts.  Thank you.

In other news, I’ve written only ten pages of the 32-page
book I’m working on, and that includes the title page, copyright page, and
table of contents.  Also, my pages are
all clocking in at about a 7.8 grade level rather than the 6.0 I’m aiming
for.  And, I could not find a super-simple
diagram to illustrate ATP production.  By
super simple I mean “so simple a bright four-year-old or a
not-very-bright-at-all high-schooler could follow it.”  Anyone got one?  Preferably copyright-free? 

You might wonder why I’m sitting in a coffee shop blogging
when clearly I should be working on page 11. 
I have no legitimate answer for that, except that I felt I owed my
readers a little attention.

You hear me, bro?



  1. Hey TR…I also am heavily dependent on his postnews but I happen to know that your blog-deficient sib is engaged in a massive reconstruction project at his sib-central abode.   Soooooo….we have to cut him a break in the blog department..  I’m sure we’ll hear all about it when things there return to normal.   Good luck with your opus.

  2. Ooh, that is complicated to represent ATP production!  Maybe something… Hmm… I’m really good at drawing things in powerpoint…. Maybe you’ve inspired me with a new project! What is your book about?  If it’s got ATP production, I’m in! (-:

  3. Just write past it and then go back and start on page 11 again. 😉  I can never write in order. Diagrams I am no good with however. Corporate clients provide graphic artists, which is good because I always tell them I do words, not pictures.

  4. Is it just me, or does the word “recalcitrant” sound like I need to drink more milk?I know, I’ve been inexcusably lazy.  Nevertheless, I have many excuses and maybe I’ll even share them today… or at worst sometime in the next few days. 

  5. i do not know what a diagram to illustrate ATP production is. All i see is the word illustrate. If it involves drawing i will make one!!

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