Have written pages 11-14, which covered over 20 pages of the original book.  I am a magician–Presto Reducto!

Now I must turn this blog over to eight-year-old Little Bit.  She had to write some acrostic poems in school, and was so enthralled by the form that she spent the last hour writing some more just for fun.


Roaming around trying to find
An appreciative dry spot to sit
In and relax in until it’s
Newly dry


Trying to avoid getting
Hurt by lightning or
Uselessly splashed by rain that is
Not nice rain and not
Either but just lots of wet


Wet liquid or ice that is interesting
At all
Times and also a substance that
Earth cannot live without and also sometimes
Randomly makes rain


It is a substance that
Creates icebergs and is about 2 percent of
Earth’s water


Games are played by them and they have great
Imaginable minds and are also
Random at times and they say
Sometimes and are unarguably cool


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