For as long as I’ve been following politics (and I proudly wore my McGovern ’72 button in the second grade), I have seen the Democrats as the party of inclusion, the Republicans as the party of exclusion.  The GOP has progressed in some ways (witness: the female veep nomination) albeit with a great deal of kicking and screaming along the way.  In other ways they are more exclusionary than ever (witness: the Republican party is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Christian right).  The McCain campaign has deepened the exclusionary ethos of the party with its not-particularly-veiled racist rhetoric. 

That’s why this news report is a perfect metaphor for this election.

Obama: “Candy for everyone!”

McCain: “Ech, get off my porch you little hooligans!  I only give candy to Real **cough**white**cough**Americans!”

Longtime readers know I’ve never been impressed by Obama’s charm.  I have no expectations of greatness.  But I do expect and believe that Obama will do his utmost to serve ALL Americans, not just the ones deemed “real” by some metric that has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with exclusion.


17 thoughts on “TR ENDORSES

  1. Wow, she is like a parody of herself.  And just so you know, the Religious Right who has taken over the Republican Party does NOT represent my personal religion.  The Jesus I believe in is shockingly inclusive and amazingly non-judgmental.   Tomorrow is the big day! I am excited to be a part of history (even though there is no way under the sun that OK will go blue, I will do my part to at least make it a little purple!).

  2. Well, a write in for Hillary just won’t do at this point……soooooooooooooo……Obama it it.   That nutcase candy lady is not nearly as scary as Sarah the Mighty Mooseslayer.  Glad you finally got over her.  I’d sooner vote for Tina Fey who is no doubt more qualified. 

  3. Racist rhetoric? What did I miss? I don’t recall McCain saying a racist thing EVER, and I have been watching and reading election news with some vigor, given my FT job and four kids. What in the world did Mccain say that could even be construed as racist? Good grief, isn’t one of McCain’s daughters a racial minority (I know she isn’t Caucasian)? Perhaps your clip explains what the “racist rhetoric” is, but I am out of audio again on the computer, so I guess unless you enlighten me, I’m unaware of what McCain supposedly said. Lisa

  4. @kamomlisa – The McCain campaign, usually through the mouth of Sarah Palin, has repeatedly referred to locations heavy on small-town, blue-collar, white voters as “Real America.”   Which makes ethnicity-infested urban areas Not Real America.  Draw your own conclusions.

  5. OH MY GOD I just saw this video of the twisted sister refusing halloween candy to kids who don’t support mcCainthank god the majority of us do not hold her point of view nor mentality, and i feel very sad that anyone, especially children who are so impressionable, were exposed to this sort of attitude and treatment.  Fortunately the children who encountered THAT are waking up today with a new president, who was elected overwhelmingly by the majority –  and that speaks more loudly than anything that pathetic woman had to say

  6. I’m guessing you’re very pleased with last night’s electoral ass-kicking.On a totally unrelated topic, I just figured something out about the excellent stories you’ve been starting!Espantoso = HorrificPayaso = ClownCue the ominous circus music…

  7. @transvestite_rabbit –  uh, no…I’m not buying that leap of logic, and I say that with a fulll and informed awareness of your general sterling intelligence. Especially when McCain has an adopted daughter who is far from being lily-white. I think that someone was selling the public a stereotype (Republicans are rascist), but I guess it doesn’t matter now. These were not rascists. Although I would argue that Jermeiah Wright definitely is anti-Seimitic and not real fond of white people in general, and no one seemed to mind that overly much. Sigh. I can only hope that other people are as sick of Koolaid-drinking partisan politics as I am.

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