Well.  It’s not the historic moment I had my heart set on, but it’s still pretty damn cool.  And how often do you get to see Oprah crying on TV?  Oh wait… I mean, how often do you get to see Jesse Jackson crying on TV?

Other good news:

  • Sanity prevailed in South Dakota and Colorado, where voters rejected draconian restrictions on women’s reproductive freedom.
  • Kay Hagan(D) whupped Elizabeth Dole(R) in the North Carolina Senate race after Dole accused her of consorting with atheists.  Scurrilous! 
  • Women made small gains in numbers in the Senate and the House.

And the bad news:

  • Multiple states (Arkansas, Arizona, Florida and (oh, it pains me to say this) California) passed laws making gay people second class citizens.  How do you people sleep at night?

Overall, glad it’s over.  John McCain made a truly gracious and gentlemanly concession speech.  Why are politicians often at their best when they’ve been defeated?

Obama’s victory speech: sterling.  And Sasha and Malia totally earned that puppy.



  1. Are you really amazed about Arizona? I mean, we banned same sex marriage in 1996, so this ‘amendment’ was pointless pandering by our Republican politicians (you’ll notice the majority of us voted for McCain, too). *sigh* I voted against it, and I was very sad to see that I was part of the minority. So glad it’s over. And uncontested.

  2. How do you people sleep at night?Oh, you’d be surprised how readily trampling on people’s civil rights induces somnulence.  If you want some dreamless slumber, just take away people’s liberties.  I can’t decide if it’s the power trip or the cruelty that does it, but either way, you’ll get your eight hours.

  3. My friends and I worked hard to defeat Prop 2 in Florida.  But we failed.  Someday people will come to their senses.Thanks for your kind comment.  Much appreciated.

  4. i can’t believe Arkansas made it illegal for gay people to adopt children. i am so glad i don’t live in that state and may never go back there again! when will we learn that we are all in this journey on earth together and we need to help each other, not hurt each other. 

  5. Well, we cannot expect total sanity.   At least now we have a shot at escaping the national nuthouse that prevailed for the last eight years.   Bonus points to anyone who helps build a fence around Alaska to keep in Gov. Bible Spice . 

  6.   I agree that McCain’s concession speech was very decent and kind, and Obama’s speech also showed great kindness toward McCain.   If only politicians were allowed to run their campaigns with the same decency and kindness.What I’m most looking forward to is the new puppy!

  7. I liked McCain’s speech of defeat, and although I was disappointed by the California vote, I think it’s important to note that the elderly (aka those fearful of blacks and gays) are the ones who voted it in by the largest margin and even then, many felt otherwise, and that most young people opposed the ban.  (If only they would freaking vote!)  It will take some time but the legality throughout the majority of the country of gay marriage is inevitable and will come to pass during the next twenty years.  I think it’s worth waiting for.  The California ban will be challenged in the Supreme Court and I have a feeling it will be turned over, and even if it isn’t, the judgment will clear the way for more successful challenges.

  8. @prairiecowboy – Amen to that. I hope they go for the long term fix but so many politicans put re-election ahead of the common good of the American people. I pray that Obama is better than that. I admired John McCain’s speech. McCain had said he didn’t know what he’s do if he lost but I hope he continues to serve. I may not agree with him on everything but I think he is a good honest man.bill

  9. Although I live in Arizona,  I did not vote for that nasty proposition, and I’m also proud to say that we almost turned the state blue. Almost. Not quite, but considering that McCain is from Arizona, it should have been a slam dunk for him, and it really was not. Meh. I tried, what can I say?

  10. Wow, second class citizens? Really. That is just so sick and demented, gays are humans just like the rest of us. So much for “equal rights for all” and things like that. It is my opinion that, as ABlogWalksIntoABar stated, it was majority elderly who voted. If the younger people would vote, things may be different. Another thing is that many young young people, such as myself, support gays and if we were allowed to vote, things would turn out very differently. We have views too, but no voice.

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