WSTRD (What Should Transvestite Rabbit Do)?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the state of the economy is currently hovering somewhere between dismal and disastrous.  Now, it’s not that I’m in any danger of running out of veggies and tofu, but I’m feeling a little antsy about it.  Kind of like I should be squirreling money away in the mattress, or, I don’t know, learning a trade.


You might think that a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree ought to be enough edumacation for anyone, but I say there’s always room in the brain for more knowledge.  Especially knowledge that qualifies one for better-paying jobs.


Currently under consideration: 


Master of Communication in Digital Media degree

Pro: It’s the preferred degree of the Writers of the Future

Con: Who has time for grad school again?


Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

Pro: one of my favorite subjects

Con: Again, grad school not so plausible right now.  Also, not clear it would get me to my preferred job of writing about education without actually being a professor…erk.


Certificate Program in Editing

Pro: Results in an actual marketable skill and has a doable timeline

Con: Costs $$ and eats up all discretionary time for awhile


Law School

Ha ha… as if.


Seriously pursuing Writing for Children in magazine or book form

Pro: No additional schooling required, and I’ve already had some success

Con: Pay is both low and unreliable


Seriously pursuing Writing for Everyone Else in magazine or book form

Pro: Many possible areas of focus to choose from, and I’ve already had some success

Con: Pay ranges from low to high but leans heavily towards low.  And unreliable.


Continuing to write grants and other fundraising materials for Worthwhile Non-Profits

Pro: I’m good at it and it may get me into Heaven

Con: Doesn’t pay as well as corporate work


Seriously pursuing Soulless Corporate Jobs, e.g. marketing copywriting

Pro: $$$

Con: my education/non-profit/article and book writing background doesn’t translate very well to the corporate sector


It’s clear to me that my future success will depend upon deciding where I want to go and taking a carefully sequenced series of intermediate steps to get there.  That’s true of everyone, isn’t it?  But where, Xanga Magic 8 Ball, where do I want to go?



15 thoughts on “WSTRD (What Should Transvestite Rabbit Do)?

  1. You’re very good at what you do.  More education does not always translate into greater success.   Life choices are sometimes difficult.  But remember, whatever you decide for yourself will be the right one for you.   You just can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to do.

  2. The antsy feeling is where I would start.   Odd, but I think you need to explore deeper why you’re feeling whatever this is. Doesn’t sound like its purely economics, maybe anxiety about economics, which isn’t the same thing. You put so many things out on the table, it just seems like a lot of options, are you serious about all of them, or just grasping? Regarding the economy in crisis, I heard someone the other day offer the advice- “Don’t just do something, stand there!” Lots to think about. Good luck!

  3. Well, I already have a PhD and I am still in the habit of making lists such as yours here…  and I agree with Barn_Bear that more education does not always mean more money, especially in the fields of writing and education.  Such a path can’t be measured out in a sequence of steps from point A to point B and instead depends upon persistence, marketing of yourself, and, oh yeah, persistence.   prairiecowboy makes a good point and for me, it’s not just about economics in terms of “needing” the money or not, or even worrying about job security – for me, it’s about feeling like a loser because I have the big degree (and the big student loans to go with it), but no big salary. I feel like I *should* be making more money (even though I have also devoted myself to full-time parenting).   And we all know that *should* is not a good reason for doing anything… For now, I’m sticking with Seriously Pursuing Writing for Everyone Else, with a side of Seriously Thinking About Writing for Children 😉 

  4. One good thing about law school, and the reason my dad disdains lawyers, is that law is a “trade,” like accounting or bricklaying or being an electrician.  I mention this because at times when I’m inclined to make lists like the one above, I always scrap it because I have a “fallback.”  You may have noticed that I spend most of my working efforts on the “fallback,” which is the *bad* thing about having a “trade.”If your goal is making money because of the economy or because of your family situation, I would focus on the last two options, the non-profit thing being your “fallback,” because it pays better than Starbucks, you’re good at it, and you have connections in the field.If your goal is to develop a career and you’re in no immediate need of money, I would focus on the Writing For Children and Others, because you’re a good writer, you seem to enjoy it, and who knows?  You might break through.  You’ll never know if you don’t try.  (this from the person who has never been able to focus on writing as a career, in spite of my oft-repeated insistence that it’s my dream).If you’re just bored and restless and you have plenty of money and time and you’re perhaps thinking of starting over on yourself mid-life, I vote for going back to school.If you really enjoy baking without wheat, and you want to develop recipes for a gluten-free bakery miles and miles away, and perhaps ultimately open a franchise in the gluten-free granola area of the country, and you have money and/or skills to apply to a start-up business, I suggest you hook up with a stranger over the internet and become a bakery business partner.

  5. Well twenty-two chains  are going to announce store closings after January !st and what I have is a partial list. Taking some good ideas from FDR and the first depression Obama is going to create jobs through road construction and some modern twists on what worked in the past. I think you will see some down-sizing on the corporate level in the coming years. So the best thing to do would probably be one of your first two choices.  For me it was sad to see that Linens and Things will be closing all stores. I worked for the folks who owned that many many years ago.bill

  6. Have you tried writing press relases for heaven? Seems God needs to update the Bible, yet hasn’t found the time to do so. Perhaps you can apply for that position. Jesus won’t do it, everyone knows he’s an illiterate. Yeah, I know, I won’t be seeing you in heaven with an attitude like this, but I’d rather go to Hell anyway, I won’t know anyone in heaven.

  7.  I would say the Ed Psych degree with an obligatory stretch as a professor before writing the best selling text book. Not practical at all but then again if you are not going to be making money anyway it might be time to get that PhD. And think of how you could inspire your kids.  Well, ok maybe that is over the top.  Sometimes you can even get a Fellowship.  And stuffing money in a mattress and hoarding food sounds like a good plan for all of us right now.

  8. I definitely do not recommend further education – it is a waste of time and money, in my opinion, as you already have your Master’s degree.  And since you don’t want to teach, I don’t think it’s necessary.  I tried to talk my mom out of getting her PhD (in English Education) and she did it anyway and now wonders why.  I guess she has a fall back job teaching English (etc) at a university level… (-:I think a combination of the last two would work well – sell soul, but maybe buy pieces of it back?

  9. @transvestite_rabbit - What? You decided against opening a bakery? That would have been so cool… I can picture it now. On the weekends: Help by sprinkling some flour and rolling out some dough, then walk up to the front to help take orders from customers… sitting in the back of the shop at the end of the day with a mug of hot chocolate and waking up in the morning to do it again… Planning to follow in the family business, getting homemade loaves of bread every night… I’m probably getting this from a book, but I don’t know which one. Maybe a mix of one that I know I’m thinking about but can’t remember the name of, and some old-fashioned book where the kids helped out in the parents bakeries and it was all…. old fashioned and stuff, I dunno. Sorry, I’m sort of rambling. Bye!!

  10. At this late… er… no longer so early date, I think your experience will count for more than extra time in college.  I’d recommend going with your strength: magazine writing both for children and adults.  It’s not impossible that you could land a staff job and make some steady, although not extravagant, cash.  Also, I think you’re underestimating your ability to translate your non-profit experience into the corporate sector.  Although I’m not so sure there’s any demand for corporate writers of any experience level right now.

  11. @Tigger – Your bakery dreams probably come to because they’re in your genes.  One of your Russian great great relatives worked or owned a bakery and sold bread to the villagers.   I believe it was your great grandmother’s grandfather on your mother’s side….if you can follow that.  Better you should become a doctor, lawyer, or president. 

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