My eight-year-old made a poster to put up in the living room.  It says:
We’re Thankful For…
(Thankful has a GIANT purple T).

She put a handy pencil nearby, for the use of any thankful people.  And she started the list.

Little Bit’s Thankful List
My loving parents
The food we eat
My whole family, including pets
The people who fight for America
My friends
Entertainment like reading and swimming
Fairs and carnivals
My glasses
My warm house

Tigger’s Thankful List
Instant messaging

And there you have the gist of Thanksgiving, 2008 in the Rabbit house.

Here’s my list
My two wonderful children
My one wonderful husband
My bunny
The cats
The SpotBot

and one more:
My Xanga pals

Happy feasting to all.


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