Dear Tigger and Little Bit,

Twice now I have asked you both to make a list of presents you might like to receive this holiday season.  And yet, no list have I seen.  If you don’t make some suggestions, I’m afraid Chanukah Charlie will fly his eight magical gefilte fish right past our house and leave your gifts under somebody else’s bush.  Farshteyn?

Love, Mom


10 thoughts on “‘TIS THE YOU KNOW WHAT

  1. Ha! It’s nice to know kids all over, of every faith and non-faith, are having trouble coming up with lists this year. We had the same talk with our kids, sans Chaunkah Charlie, replace with Santa, and add threat of deportation deep into the heart of nearby Mexico, where many kids don’t even get to make lists this time of year and blah blah blah. . .

  2. I left a note on my niece’s Facebook asking for gift ideas/giftcard ideas with the threat that if she doesn’t reply, I’ll let my husband buy the gift and wrap it.  He wants to wrap it in Victoria’s Secret wrapping, which would mortify the 19-year-old.  Last year he put her gift card in a filled waterballoon, which he then froze into a bucket of water.  He can be very ingenious that way.  Good luck!

  3. I abhor going to the store and just finding something to give because you are obligated.  I’d rather know what someone needs or wants to be sure that they enjoy it and it doesn’t just create more clutter in their house.  On the other hand, I refused to do a gift registry at my wedding because I don’t think telling people what they should buy me is classy.  These opposing viewpoints get me all snarled up a Christmas time.

  4. Hmm… I like the “Tickle Me Sarah Palin” idea, actually. Oh, or a Sarah Palin bobblehead!! I did say I wanted a tablet and a webcam… Oh, and iTunes money! Hmm… you know, a few years ago, I filled a sheet of paper (in green ink) with stuff I wanted from a toy catalog. Ooh, I want Edward Cullen! No, wait- Edward Elric! Yeah, that’s what I want for Chanukah!

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