There’s been a kerfuffle in my state this week, shaping up to be a full-on brouhaha.  In the state Capitol building in Olympia there’s a nativity display.  Right next to it, the Freedom From Religion Foundation installed a placard.  It looked like this:


I know the photo is not very good.  Why did no news organizations get a decent photo?  It says:



At this season of


may reason prevail.


There are no gods,

no devils, no angels,

no heaven or hell.

There is only our natural world.

Religion is but

myth and superstition

that hardens hearts

and enslaves minds.


Well, that’s pretty rude.  But it’s gone now, because some self-righteous thief stole it.  It was later delivered to a Seattle radio station.  And now the angry Christian masses are hastening to Olympia to put up their own signs, telling the atheists where to shove it.  State troopers are patrolling the halls, presumably to keep the godless and the godful from strangling each other.


My take: religion-bashing signs have no place in the Capitol building.  Atheists begone!  And nativity scenes have no place in the Capitol building.  Christians, take your plastic baby and get out.  It’s a government building!  By all means, decorate for the season.  Bling the place up with lights, ribbons, tinsel, glittery icicles and snowflakes.  But no manger!  No menorah!  No (insert alternative religious symbol here)!  You all have places to put up religious displays.  Like your houses!  And your churches!  Leave the government to its own tedious secular business.  And I’m sure that sign will look lovely on somebody’s wall, but not the state’s wall. 


That is all.  Resume shopping.  Please don’t hurt anybody at Walmart.  Thank you.





21 thoughts on “CAN’T WE ALL JUST SHUT UP?

  1. Amen Sister!  When government buildings display one religious view, they pretty much have to allow the display of all religious views.  After all, we wouldn’t want our government endorsing any particular religion (or lack thereof), right?  Aside from being undignified, competing displays are not really a proper function of government.  They all should be left at home.

  2. Yep. I totally agree that governments should not be endorsing any one particular religion. They should celebrate the season as one (traditionally) of love and giving, but shouldn’t go any further than that. Religious beliefs and faiths are personal, not state-enforced.

  3. I am just so utterly indifferent to displays of religion.  Why is that?  It bugs the heck out of me when my neighbor tells my kid the dying bird on the sidewalk is going to Heaven, so it’s actually *good* news it’s dying, because Heaven is a Glorious Place To Be!!  (But kids, you can only live there if you’re good and God is always watching).  But I couldn’t care less if my local Walgreens employees all dress like Wise Men and hand out fake myrrh.

  4. Why don’t you ever tell me these things? As in, in person? Is it because you know I’ll just read it here anyway, or am I too young and innocent to know?Also, kerfuffle??

  5. What a wonderfully intelligent take on all this holiday/Christmas silliness…you rant like I do each and every year when somebody is mad at somebody else over a plastic baby Jesus.  Enough.  I like my church and state seperate, thank you very much!  Bravo!!!!

  6. I confess that I love the fact that the sign was stolen.  Let us suppose that a Christian stole the sign because he/she did not like it (and I can understand why).  It means that some Christian has violated one of the ten commandments.  Thus, his/her Christian values have been compromised. But that should be okay with the atheist because he does not look to a higher being to keep his/her moral compass pointing true north.  His compass is relative and enforced by the government, which gets its morals from the people… but not the Christian people, the other people.  After only six sentences of this argument, I’ve already confused myself.  I’ll stop not.

  7. one good way to fix the humanist/what the hell ever they call themselves boat??? find out who belongs to their committees/ their hobbies..guilty pleasures…lets say if it were fishing{for lack of better example} then stake out their favorite fishing hole.the minute they arrive..suit up in yer orange vests, chant how wrong and cruel you believe fishing is.until they leave , turn about is fair play..or follow them to their favorite burger joint,,bring 3-4 bags of cows blood..and dump it on their table half way thru their meal and proclaim..meat is murder.real loud..3 times , now can you see that they get a dose of their own horse crap…i mean where are these dinks the other 11 months , when they claim to be as impassioned to proclaim that what they cant see, doesnt exist……duh i’m stupid..and here’s my placard..sorry i’m liberal,,but i’m not a doormat……………..    

  8. i honestly dont weigh in on either side too strong …to  display this or that… question for the fickle and faint of heart…are you sayin that an entire synagoge isnt a display of religion,,or a church, or whatever,,how can we all just see what we want….i think the real point wood be first, is the place where the manger placed appropriate in the first place?….then the aetheists or whoever woodnt have cause to be pissed in the first place…… 

  9. i work in a building where the campain next door has a devil whorshipper working there,,because the bleeding hearts got a babysitter{ie human resoures to the extreme} all he has to do is complain that something offends him, guess what, everything offends him,,their building has NO displays anywhere , even tho there are countless personal work spaces throughout that ‘office’ , and our tax dolllars oppress everyone ,,a gal couldnt display a cute pic of her son/daughter in an elf suite , why?, cuz the devil guy says hes offended …ever read the book the lottery? well i saw the poorely done eighties movie…give nuts enuff power and they’ll be telling you what color sox you can wear……  

  10. First of all I think, “what kind of loser has to respond to ‘peace on earth, good will to man’ with ‘religion hardens hearts and enslaves minds’?  Somebody’s got personal issues.”  Then I think, “What kind of Christian responds to such loserness by getting angry?  At Christmastime???  If you really have to respond at all, shouldn’t you just roll your eyes and say, ‘And a Merry Christmas to you!’ (translation: ‘up yours, atheists!’)”  Then I think, “A nativity scene at the Capitol building?  Really?”  As someone who finds Jesus totally unthreatening, even I think that a little much.  But I like your take on it.  “Can’t we all just shut up?”  That works for me.

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