When Technogeek steps away from his office, he has to lock his computer desktop.  If he doesn’t, he returns to find his browser tuned to  Those wacky computer guys!

I thought I was immune to such hijinks, but I came in to work and found my desk had been Christmafied. 

The Star of David at the top of the tree is a nice touch.

Limp strand of tinsel causes an error message to appear.

The culprit! Martha Wannabe.

Since a number of my coworkers are gay, I don’t know why they were even there today, because it’s Call In Gay Day.  Just goes to show the level of dedication in the homosexual community.  If there was a Call In Straight Day, I’da been gone.


12 thoughts on “NOEL

  1. That Santa’s creeping me out.  And the bear isn’t helping.  I’ll let SD regale you with stories of what his co-workers do to people who leave their pagers lying around unattended.

  2. Funny!  The worst thing I’ve done at my job is put a fake mouse in the cash drawer—my boss nearly hit the ceiling!  The second worst is picking up the paper and looking through the “help-wanted” section…  Have a great day! 

  3. I live with computer geeks – several years ago we decorated the tree with colorful CDs collected from all those AOL mailings…It was a beautiful effect. The practical jokers didn’t do too bad a job. They must be pretty organized or have planned to “pimp your desk”. lol

  4. As a gay man, I found the “Day Without a Gay” concept insulting.  To copycat some lame-ass low-budget film about a day without Mexicans is beneath us, for a start.  We’re supposed to be fabulous and creative.  We’re also supposed to be frivolous and irresponsible, which is exactly what you look like if you call in sick when everyone knows you’re not.  Forcing my coworkers to pick up the slack for me is not a good way to make them feel warm and fuzzy about gay people.  If I’m forced to represent the gay race, I want to put my best foot forward.  However, if I had known ahead of time, if this thing had gotten more attention well in advance, I would have scheduled a vacation day and volunteered for something.  They need to be better organized next year; maybe I’ll participate then.

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