I woke up this morning to find my yard covered with this weird powdery white stuff. We don’t DO snow in Seattle.  Did somebody dump a truckload of anthrax on me?  And in the back, this mysterious marking by the broken down old swing:

Clearly the aliens have landed at the Rabbit house.

Then, my children came stomping into the house, coated with the white stuff (egads!) and complaining about its inferior, unpackable nature.  Hot cocoa fixes most problems, I’ve found.  Kind of like rebooting. 


11 thoughts on “WHAT IN TARNATION…?

  1. I was a teenager the first time I saw snow. I loved it. Then I grew up and had to drive in the stuff for a few years, and the magic was lost. We had snow here one day last week, which is quite rare. I watched my daughter and future stepson’s faces, and the magic came back. Great photo!

  2. We’ve got tons of primo packable white stuff which can easily be made into frolicking snow polar bears.   Come home and have lots of fun.   I’ll direct you from inside, however, drinking my steaming hot cup of coffee. 

  3. oooooooh, it snowed last wednesday (dec. 10) here in houston, tx! Then the next day it was really, really hot! Then, cold again the day after, and the weekend was mild..70’s but today it’s now cold again..weird!-long time reader, rare comment-leaver

  4. Wow, real snow AND real aliens!  You can’t get much more exciting than that!  Thank goodness for hot chocolate beverages that calm the nerves.  It was 70 yesterday morning here and now it is about 15 with ice on the ground and some wicked wind chill. Hooray for INSIDE!

  5. @BLB - It’s difficult to do- you have to stand up on the snow angel, so that your feet only touch where you’ve already made indents in the snow. Then, you have to jump off to the side so that you don’t get footprints sticking out of the side of the angel 

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