Oh the weather outside is frightful here in LatteLand, so the schools are closed.  Not that they need snow to close the schools.  They were closed yesterday because the weather report suggested it might snow.  That’s Seattle for you.  So all day my children sat by the window, gazing sadly at the lack of weather, much like the boy and girl in The Cat in the Hat, only those kids couldn’t go outside because it was raining.  I never understood that.  Don’t they have rain slickers in Suessville?  Never heard of rubber boots? 

Well anyway, today there is real, actual snow falling.  Tigger and I ventured out this morning.  Someday she will tell her own kids, “Kids, when I was your age, we had to walk (a whole mile!) in treacherous conditions (two inches of snow on the ground!) just to get to Starbucks for a Gingersnap Latte.   Be thankful you live here in Hawaii where you never have to suffer so.”  How do I know she will live in Hawaii?  Because she will want to provide her dear mother with a little granny apartment in a warm, sunny climate.  Duh.

Now Tig and the neighbor girl (who screeches most delightfully) are outside, sliding around the cul de sac on boogie boards.  Little Bit, who apparently shares my appreciation for warm, sunny climates, is inside, in her pajamas, studying for the spelling test she probably won’t have tomorrow.  I heart that kid.

Since it is December and I’ve given up ambition of any sort for the duration of 2008, I’m going to sit here with my cuppa and read a novel.  Let it snow.



10 thoughts on “SNOW DAY

  1. A cuppa and a novel–what a novel idea.Maybe soon?  I keep coming up with things/projects/cooking that needs/I want to have done.  Here in Upstate, NY, we’re being told about snow tomorrow–we’ll see.

  2. We got a ton of snow yesterday.  Well, “ton” in the relative, figurative sense.My children enjoyed playing in the snow the first day.  (Well, half of them did.  The younger two thought we were trying to torture them.)  Now they’re over it.  They’re all inside the house driving me crazy.  I can’t tell if I’m relieved that they’re not going in and out and tracking snow into the house and getting their shoes all wet when they don’t have any spares, or if I’d really rather they get out of here.  I wasn’t counting on winter break starting this early. 

  3. About that little Granny apartment in a warm sunny climate…I’m waiting for my daughter to call and say “I just moved to Hawaii, come live in the little granny apartment!”   Key West Florida and Palm Springs Calif. will do also.  Never let it be said that I’m not flexible.

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