SNOW DAY, REDUX (with update)

Ok, here’s the issue.

  • It snowed a whole bunch
  • Low temperatures mean the snow will not melt and the streets that got cleared will be iced over Friday morning
  • The streets of Seattle are already littered with stuck, spun out, abandoned vehicles
  • Seattleites in general do not have proper snow tires and have no idea how to drive in the stuff
  • School has been canceled, so my kids will be home and possibly rambunctious
  • I work for an agency that cares for people with AIDS
  • Obviously, the clinical staff has to show up no matter what the weather
  • I am not clinical staff–I’m a grant writer
  • Nobody will suffer if I’m not there
  • The management team recently issued an edict directing the administrative staff (including me) to make all possible effort to get to work in inclement weather, in solidarity with the clinical staff
  • I skipped out because of the snow today

Should I hop in my minivan and make the trek to the office in the morning? 

Let’s take a poll!  (I hope this works, damn it.)

Do you think I should struggle through the snow to get to work?
Of course you should.  How can you even ask such a question?  Have you no loyalty?
Yes, IF they send a truck with chains to transport you there and back.
You should work from home while watching your darling children build a snowperson in the back yard.
Go to work on a snow day?  Are you insane?
Dude, you have a JOB? free polls

It did!  It worked!  Rock the vote, people!

Afternoon update:
Holy $%^&, this picture was taken near downtown Seattle today.  Two buses slid on the ice, crashed through the guardrail, and wound up dangling over Interstate 5. 

Here’s another view:

 Miraculously, no one was seriously hurt. 

So I think staying home was the right choice.  *Pats self on back*


18 thoughts on “SNOW DAY, REDUX (with update)

  1. It’s crazy insane with snow here as well. Spoanites don’t know how to drive in this crap any better than Seattlites do either and we get buckets more a year than you! We have almost 2 feet of snow and in some places much more. I have a theory, if you don’t HAVE TO fo out in this crap, by all means, STAY HOME where its WARM and SAFE! I hope you enjoyed your snow day!

  2. Do NOT go to work.  Go get a gingerbread latte and cuddle up with a novel while the kids build some more snow people.  Wait.  Scratch that.  It isn’t cool to skip work and drive anyway…so make some Swiss Miss in the microwave instead, unless you can cross-country ski to the Starbucks.  As long as it isn’t feasible to cross-country ski to work, because if it is, and you’ve got out the cross-country skis anyway, you might as well keep going, after you get the gingerbread latte.  Why wasn’t this one of the options?

  3. No reason to risk your life, and the lives of other drivers, if you can get work accomplished from the safety of your own home.  I hope the clinical staff wouldn’t ask you to risk orphaning your children for the sake of “solidarity.”Having said that, I’ll admit have to go to work and risk that whole orphaning thing no matter what the weather.  There’s just no other way to get it done.  On days like that, I usually ask myself if it’s too late to become an accountant.

  4. i lived in seattle a year. the first time that snow was predicted, (i worked for king county), they let us go as soon as the first flakes fell and didn’t want anyone on the roads. so i understand. i thought it was funny, having lived in a place that had snow and ice every winter. but i also understand if people don’t know how to drive in it. you do not want to get stuck out on the roads, especially in seattle traffic, as you know much better than i. i hope it all worked out for you. and WTH? it never used to snow in seattle… global warming? 

  5. We polar bears thrive in ice and snow.    Well, not this one, of course, but most do.   Stay home and not risk an accident if you don’t have to be there.   Seems you have more snow than we do here šŸ™‚

  6. Be glad you didn’t commute on the BUS–sort of taking a long walk on a short pier?We in Upstate are definitely turning white with great ABUNDANCE.  Am grateful to finally be inside and warm and dry.

  7. SCARY!!!  Can you imagine the poor bus driver – and passengers, of course.  Could you even go to work with kids home from school??  I would have used the kids as an excuse šŸ™‚ 

  8. It took me an extra hour to get home by bus tonight.  You were smart to stay home.We have an office that could see everything going on with the buses so I kept e-mailing them “what are the buses doing now?  are they still hanging over I-5?”

  9. I wouldn’t go to work if I were you. My son says he was in the area today when the bus thing happened.  Sheesh. Why anyone would want to go anywhere is beyond me…yet my family is considering a trip over the Cascades for Christmas. Are we nuts or what…

  10. Oh my GAWD, that bus accident looks scary–like a Thomas the Tank Engine episode gone horribly wrong.  Going to work would be showing solidarity with the clinical staff, but it also creates more hazard for you and everybody else on the road, so staying home is like showing solidarity for humanity.  šŸ™‚

  11. I’m glad you stayed home, too.  Why so many Americans who could in no way be considered “essential personnel” want to risk life and limb to make it to the “office” is beyond my comprehension.  Hey — if you can’t save a life by risking yours, whut’s the point?

  12. I love seeing it when people who aren’t used to snow get pounded by Mother Nature’s wicked winter tantrums. We got a lot of ice the other day, and a truck driver told me that I-80 from Des Moines to Iowa City (about 160 miles) it looked like a junk yard with all the cars and trucks in the ditch. Another truck driver told me that he was coming north from Peoria, driving his 18 wheeler, and a guy in a 4 x 4 SUV flew by him, spun out and went crashing into the median. Obviously he thought his 4 wheel drive made him invincible. Wrong. No one is safe on ice, not even a bulldozer witrh steel treads. Go slow, or suffer the consequences. The guy in the median was okay, just hopelessly stuck. Driving in the snow takes talent. Hell, even the people that live here in the Great White North forget how to drive in ice and snow after six months of nice weather. Personally, I like driving in the snow. I am not real fond of ice, but I am smart enough to figure out the go slow or go in the ditch part. The dangerous part of driving in the winter isn’t the driving, its the idiots that don’t know how to drive in snow and ice, those morons will crash right into you.

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