It went like this. 


I was out somewhere with my 11 year old daughter and her pal Mimi.  We ran into another kid that Tigger had met somewhere, but that I’d never seen before.  The other kid’s mother invited Tig and Mimi to go skating with them.  Tigger didn’t want to go, but Mimi did, so I sent her off with total strangers after making some vague arrangements about retrieving her at 10 pm.


WHO would do that?  My awake self would not, but apparently my dream self would.  I am ashamed of my dream self.


Tigger and I went home and as the evening wore on I felt increasingly concerned about having put Mimi into potential danger.  I told Tigger to find Other Kid’s Mom’s cell phone number, and luckily, she did.  But before I could dial, the phone rang.  Tigger answered.


It was Mimi’s mom.  Tigger told her that Mimi was not here with us where she belonged, but out skating with strangers.  Mimi’s mother did not take this news well.


I got Other Kid’s Mom on the phone and told her I needed to pick Mimi up Right Now.  She turned out to be a poor communicator. 


You’ve encountered this type, I’m sure.  They talk.  Many words come out of their mouths.  Yet they say little.


Eventually we agreed on a place to meet.  My husband Technogeek insisted that he should be the one to go get Mimi.  So I was still home when Mimi’s entire extended, angry family arrived at my house to demand that I return their daughter/sister/cousin/niece. 


Here’s the worst part.  I woke up before TGeek returned with Mimi.  I did not get to see her safely back to the arms of her loving family.  I did not get to have them forgive me for my unforgivable lapse of judgment.  I’ve been up for hours and I still feel guilty.


Note to subconscious:  Could you PLEASE cut me a break?  Real awake life has plenty of opportunities for guilt, remorse, and anxiety.  In the future, I’d appreciate it if you’d LAY OFF those elements of my psyche.  Every night (EVERY NIGHT) I place an order for a dream involving George Clooney and palm trees.  But thus far, I’ve seen neither.  Can I fire you and get a different subconscious?




14 thoughts on “I HAVE A DREAM

  1. Hehehe – gorgeous george…I don’t believe you can fire or replace the psyche. You can however drink a mug of warm cocoa before bed. Hopefully bribe the naughty thing into giving you what you want or a least not giving you bad dream scenarios. hehe (still chuckling over the palm trees).

  2. I know the feeling.   My dream-brain tortures me, too, with many “bad mom” moments.  You would think we have enough it during waking hours, wouldn’t you?!?!

  3. I have these kind of anxiety dreams all the time and I always wake up so angry that I didn’t get to see it through to a satisfying conclusion!  I can’t stand waking up with a nagging feeling that there is unfinished business in dreamland….

  4. You need to lighten up on your self during your waking moments. Your dream self  only has what your awake self gives it to work with. think of it as the night crew coming in to the editing room, picking up scraps and leftovers from the cutting room floor of the day shift and trying to create a story with what is there, no outside sensory input. You worry about your parenting and that of others. It’s not a safe world, but it’s mostly good. And you’re doing fine. Blessings this special season. I hope Seattle thaws soon. Is it true that Seattle does not use salt due to environmental concerns? Or did a certain right wing personality just make that up?

  5. @transvestite_rabbit – Yes, you were being shredded! K- Wingnut, I don’t know what you mean. Thanks for the link. I actually use the hard pack method on my driveway (not my main yard) and it works okay until the March thaws, then it’s a disaster of 18 inches of slush/mush. I can’t seriously see how a public safety department can rationalize that method, I hope you folks turn out okay.

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