Y’all know I’m not one to genuflect to the mighty O, right?  He wasn’t my first choice in the primaries, and I even considered writing HRC’s name on the ballot.  I didn’t, though.  There comes a time to shut up and support your man (or hopefully, someday, woman). 

That time has come for our friends on the right.  And yet, there in the Top Blogs section of Xanga, there’s a post from a Southern Baptist pastor, calling on the faithful to “pray Obama fails,” because his agenda is “100% at odds with God’s.”

Leaving aside the questionable assertion that God has an agenda for the governance of the United States (what happened to the “free will” we hear so much about?), what is it about Obama that scares the bejabbers out of these people?  Is it his efforts to prevent the U.S. and the world from sliding all the way into Great Depression 2.0?  Is it his stated desire to get our troops out of Iraq?  His intention to put greater attention and resources into fighting terrorism in Afghanistan? 

I know the Right dislikes Obama’s pro-choice stance, but abortion is already legal, and has been for many years. No, Obama won’t help the effort to restrict women’s rights to personal sovereignty, but hey, there’s always another Republican president down the road.

On the Pastor’s blog and on many others people keep using words like “tyranny,” without ever putting a finger on what, exactly, they are referring to.  And praying for our President’s failure?  Are you people serious?  I detested the last prez, to be sure, but never did I wish, let alone supplicate a deity, for his failure.  Failure for a president means failure for the nation.  How do you justify that?


28 thoughts on “BIG BAD OBAMA

  1. Right wing nutcases come in all shapes and sizes as well as collars.  This pastor sure fills the bill.   Hopefully the Big Guy Upstairs will recognize him as a nut.    After all,  BGU is a democrat, isn’t he?

  2. Thanks for posting this.  Even Bush, on his way out the door, mustered the decency to say something nice about President Obama.  I guess it’s a comfort to the pastor that he’s privy to God’s political agenda.  If there really is a heaven and a hell, this pastor may be in for a rude awakening.

  3. I never wished for Bush’s failure despite how much I hated him because ultimately if he failed, I would be screwed. Because I did live in Bush land. That’s what I don’t understand. I pass by those blogs because I know there is no convincing someone otherwise who is to go THAT far in their beliefs. 

  4. It took me at least 3.5 years before I thought that Bush was a total fool.  They didn’t even wait until Obama was president.I find it very rude of “them”.  I am with OBL, the Xanga front page is to be avoided. And with dohsdeer in being a little bit peeved that the pastor is so arrogant. 

  5. @transvestite_rabbit - I’ve spent, oh, I don’t know, a good twenty or thirty minutes browsing through each of the blogs on the front page and I can’t find this one!  Am I an idiot?  Am I looking at a different Xanga front page?  Do they put up a special front page, just for me (which might explain why it’s always so awful)?  Maybe those of us who aren’t TRUE don’t get to see the “REAL” front page.

  6. @transvestite_rabbit - Oh my.  That IS quite a little gem.  Interestingly, it doesn’t contain any actual arguments about how or why Obama’s agenda is 100% at odd with God’s.  (putting aside your very interesting question about whether God actually has an agenda, in American politics). 

  7. I tend to think God would be supportive of programs to help people work to support their families, but then, I get strange ideas like that. Nice to see a religious figure once more following Jesus’ exhortation to “love one another”.

  8. As an Aussie who is more concerned ATM about the enormous fires and floods (different ends of the country, who don’t it flood in the bit on fire?) than how you guys are politically, I still fidn it hard to undestand how you can instantly hate someone who hasn’t done anything yet.I was totally amazed when Americans elected a black President. I would probably have needed medication if you’d elected a woman. Now you’ve made this bold choice, why can’t they, wot don’t like him, see if he can actually rule well?Tories are the same the world over only yours seem even more vocal than ours.

  9. I love it when you’re angry. Thank you for speaking up. I’ve been gnawing on my lip for nearly a month over this exact issue. I almost have no lip left. You probably saved my lip. I should also probably speak up more often and quit biting my lip.

  10. Two golden quotes here:-  “No, Obama won’t help the effort to restrict women’s rights to personalsovereignty, but hey, there’s always another Republican president downthe road.”- ” Failure for a president means failure for the nation.  How do you justify that?”Amen, and amen. Limbaugh is a piece of shit and a sad fucking joke.

  11. Well, heck, I guess I’m a bit of a right-wing nutcase here, but I agree with you, in part.I don’t believe Obama will be the best prez in history (not even close), but I’m not hoping or praying that he fails.However, I’m concerned about a few things (maybe what scares the bejeebers out of some of us).1) He’s WAY too inexperienced. 2) He seems to be gung-ho on pushing stuff through as fast as he can, and berating people who stand in his way. 3) Obviously, I’m pro-life but a pro-choice stance is hardly unusual (heck, I might vote for a pro-choice president if I thought he’d do a better job). 4) Wait, this wasn’t supposed to be me critiquing the president.I’ll reiterate – I agree with you in part. But not all of us right-wing nutjobs are as nut-jobby as some others of us.

  12. How can anyone justify praying for someones failure?Didn’t Obama have a Christian writer praying at his inauguration?Sometimes Christians piss me off (and I say that as a Christian).

  13. @icicle84 – No, many right wing nut jobs are fine folk, just like us left wing socialists  I voted for President Obama, however, I don’t support him 100%. And I don’t think anyone should support any leader 100%. That way lies a dangerous road. However, praying for a national leader to fail? Um, hello? Look around, he is your leader too. It’s not like he will fail and John McCain will take over in a year.And it is a pleasure meeting you, one militant leftist (ok, not really, but it sounds good) to one right wing nut job (which I highly doubt, but we all need our labels).

  14. @bosefius – yeah, stick around and read my ravings. I’m not AS right-wing as they come (I despise Ann Coulter and don’t care too much for Hannity), but to some people Christian+conservative=nutjob. I use it for myself as long as you don’t mind my using “stinkin’ socialist” for you.Or we can just eschew labels altogether. We’re all cool peeps, up in here. Nice to meet you too, by the way.

  15. @icicle84 – Labels are gone, besides, I shower regularly so mine wasn’t accurate. Sadly, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity seem to hurt the Conservatives in some ways, because they are so unyielding. Not saying Keith Olbermann is any better (though he does crack me up sometimes) but Coulter and O’Reilly are just so immature in their name calling and complete and total refusal to try and see another view point other than their own.Christian and Conservative are welcome, good traits in a person. Very good traits in some. Others though, just take it too far.

  16. I hope you don’t mind a comment from someone you don’t know.  I’m new around here and found your blog on a blogring we share.  This is a great post.  When I heard about what Rush Limbaugh said regarding hoping the president fails, and now from your post reading about the pastor telling people to pray for his failure, I asked myself the same questions: Why? What are they so afraid of about Obama that they would actually pray to a deity for his (and subsequently ours as a nation’s) failure?  As much as I didn’t like Bush, I never hoped for his failure (he definitely didn’t need any help in the fail department).  People like Rush Limbaugh and this pastor are the first to denounce other people for not being patriotic, yet they themselves are being incredibly unpatriotic in hoping for our country’s failure. Sorry for the rant…people like that really piss me off.

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