Little Bit and I have some flu-like illness that has knocked us flat.  We’re on our second day of dragging ourselves about, desperately hoping our immune systems will go into hyperdrive and slay the intruding virus.

So far, no luck.

The hours of tweenie TV shows Little Bit watched yesterday didn’t help.  The hours I spent lollygagging about on Facebook and Xanga didn’t help me, either.  I’ve consumed enough Vitamin C to keep a whole shipful of sailors free of scurvy, to no avail.  We’re both still coughing, achy, and feverish. 

What I want to know is, when is Obama  going to find a cure for the flu?  Health care was high up on the list of the people’s concerns when we elected him, and he’d damn well better deliver.  Bail out the sick people, Barack!

Yesterday Little Bit discovered a downside to having a sibling.  Her teacher tracked Tigger down and gave her Little Bit’s homework to bring home.  LB thought it very unfair, bordering on criminal, to have homework thrust upon her while ill, but she gamely completed it during one of the Motrin windows last night.  (Motrin window = period of time in which the Motrin has kicked in and lowered one’s fever, resulting in a deceptive sense of relative well-being.)

Little Bit is now wrapped in a blanket on the couch, watching her favorite movie (Matilda) and drinking hot tea with two-and-a-half spoonfuls (spoonsful?) of sugar.  I’m, hmm, lollygagging about on Xanga.  Must go take some vitamins.  Obama, I’m waiting.   

Trivia quiz!

From the other room I heard these lines on the TV:
“Dad, you’re flying!”
“It’s ok, I’m used to it.  I lived through the 60’s!”

What movie is Little Bit watching now?



  1. There are SO many germs going around now – we get a new note from the school every day about the latest outbreak.  I’m about ready to dress the kids in rubber gloves and face masks before sending them off to school!

  2. I spent two days last week massively tired and fighting chills ALL the time.  I hope your symptoms don’t match, because the next four days will be hell.  But then you’ll feel all better and forget it ever happened, unless you’re so tramatized by the tween TV that you never recover…good luck.And yes, where’s the bailout for the flu-ridden?

  3. Feel better, Little Bit!  Apparently, my son had a fever today in my absence.  I’m REALLY not excited if we’re starting a whole new round of something.  We just finished the icky, throw up thing a week or so ago. =/

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