I used to have a button with that slogan.  It was the 70’s, ok?  Actually, I might still have it, along with “God is coming, and is she pissed.”  Also, “I’m not as think as you stoned I am.”  Oh yes, I was quite the card, button-wise.

Anyway, this caught my eye today:



Notice the tax rate fell dramatically under Ronald “Triple the Deficit, Triple Your Fun!” Reagan.  Big Daddy “I’m the Responsible One in the Family” Bush pushed it up, as did Bill “I’m a Democrat, What Did You Expect?” Clinton.  Baby “I Drove the Economy ALL the Way into the Ground” Bush knocked it back again.  And now Barack “I’m Feeling a Little Pressure to Improve Things” Obama has proposed a modest increase, no where near historic high levels, like under that socialist Eisenhower.

Anybody hungry?



  1. Man, Eisenhower’s tax rate for the rich was way too high, in my opinion. 91%? That kind of rate just encourages the wealthy to leave a country, if it’s kept up for too long. And we *do* want to keep the rich around, strictly speaking. If nothing else because they own all the companies the rest of us work for.

  2. I read an interesting article the other day which pointed out that while the media (liberal ?  hah !) is focusing on the 2% who will be incurring a tax increase, they’re neglecting to mention the 98% who will be paying less in taxes. 

  3. the score is 88-86 with 3 minutes left to play. The team that has 88 has only scored two points in the past 4 minutes. meanwhile, the team that has 86 has put up fourteen points in the same amount of time.So with 7 minutes left to play, it was 86-72.Fast-forward to crunch time. sure, one team still has the lead, comparatively speaking. but which team would you rather be with 3 minutes left to play? the team up 2 or the team down 2?I guess my point is, and in this particular example, it’s about the direction you’re headed and not so much the current score.(oh, I was playing basketball)

  4. That post had way too many big words for me to understand most of it. But as for the pins, the one that says “God is coming, and is she pissed” is currently stuck to my curtains. 

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