Here’s an interesting video of a program called “What Would You Do?”  The producers planted actors in a New Jersey sports bar, including a gay male couple and a loudmouth to complain about them.  The producers seemed impressed when the majority of the real patrons defended the couple and told the loudmouth to honk off. But that’s what I would expect in an urban, east coast setting.  And if they tried it in Seattle, I’m pretty sure a sizable cohort of Gay Crusaders (in matching, divine capes) would descend on the loudmouth and, I don’t know, shave his chest.

How would it go in your neighborhood?



  1. Interesting question.  I think the outcome would be the same in Louisville — but I live in “rural” Kentucky so it wouldn’t fly here at all.  And hey!  If the same scenario happened in rural Indiana, just north of me, those poor guys probably would be found floating in the Ohio the next morning.   Come to think of it, maybe Louisville should secede from Kentucky and move to the Northeast.I’m thinkin’ that here in the U.S., in most cases, tolerance, much like hate, has to be taught by example — of either parents or peer groups.

  2. I grew up in NJ and last time I watched this show, I saw some guy I went to high school with standing up for some Mexicans who were being harassed in a convenience store!  I suspect you’re right, that certain areas are more tolerant than others….but I would like to think that this is changing.  I find that most of the people who would say hateful things are too chicken to come right out and say them….they are more likely to mutter under their breath and then crumble if they are called out for their ignorance.  Interesting video – thanks for sharing.  Go Jersey!  

  3. Charlottesville is a pretty tolerant town and accepting of gay people, and most people here seem to hate a scene more than anything, so I’m sure it would be the complainers who’d be censured and not the two gay men.  

  4. Since we have gay people in our family and we know many of their friends, I would have to side with the gay couple.   But, I think it’s not prudent of any couple, gay or straight,  to show affection by too much deep kissing and/or embracing in public.    I am just old fashioned that way.    Hand holding and gentle banter is fine.    We all hug everyone these days and kiss on the cheek or such.     Rudeness is never appropriate.     To openly criticize and make rude comments is just plain bad manners in my book.   

  5. Great video!It did make me a little sad though, because I have a hard time imagining a similar outcome playing out down here in Texas. Maybe I’m completely wrong with that opinion though. Actually, hopefully I am.

  6. Sadly, those men would be taken out back and beaten. I live about 45mins outside of Philly. What REALLY gets me is the inequality – it’s okay for straight couples to nearly fuck at the bar, but any show of affection between a gay couple? Absolutely unacceptable 😦

  7. I didn’t watch it. I don’t watch that program as I didn’t care for it. In my neighborhood I have no idea what would happen. I suspect not so good for the gay persons.

  8. You know, I’m not a fan of that program.  It’s too upsetting.  I think “sports bar” is probably more the issue than neighborhood.  People are more inclined to speak up in a congenial, less-inhibited place like a bar than they might be on a train or at a store where anyone around you could turn out to be a lunatic.

  9. Man….that show. One of these days someone’s going to get killed.  Just think if there was a crazy person who wanted to “save the day”?  Sure, I imagine that they’d have people waiting for crazies to pop up, but it doesn’t take much time to really injure someone.

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