Three down, 47 to go.
Can you hear the drums getting louder?


15 thoughts on “

  1. @PrimevalWench – More than a day (unless you are moving away).  The only way this ruling can be overturned is by changing the state constitution, which would take a minimum of three years.  By that time Iowa will have a thriving gay-wedding/tourist industry and the amendment will get voted down.

  2. Sadly, the people who travel here to take advantage of this ruling, will not be eligible to vote.  There is already a move to bring it before this session’s legislature, which would knock a year off of that timeline.  And a local newspaper poll shows the majority against, though it’s a slim margin.  I would encourage anyone considering a trip here for the purpose of wedded bliss to do so sooner rather than later… in a few weeks.  It’s not legal for 21 days yet.

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