Today Tigger told me this story:

When I was three or four, we were going to the park.  I wanted to take my blankie, but you said no.  So I got a backpack and put my blankie in it.  When you asked what was in the pack, I said “socks,” and you believed me! You said “well, you can never have too many socks.”

Tigger is now twelve (as of yesterday).  Should I punish her for lying?  Commend her for her ingenious work-around solution?  Buy her some more socks?

Then Tigger asked me this:

How come the meat from a cow is called beef, and the meat from a pig is called pork, but the meat from a chicken is called chicken?

My answer?  “Well, you can never have too many socks.”

Practicing what I preach, I bought eight-year-old Little Bit fourteen pairs of socks today, along with two pairs of shoes.  Children.  It seems if you feed those critters, they grow.

And finally, in Facebookland, an old, old friend of mine posted this picture of Mrs. Friedlander’s 2nd grade class, circa 1972.

Can you  find TR?

You might be thinking, “wait, how would I find you, TR, I don’t even know what you look like now!”  Rest assured, it wouldn’t help.  Neither my husband nor my children, all of whom see me every day, could pick me out of the line-up.

Note to Rockinbear, Barnbear, and Bad_Dogma: keep quiet til everyone else has given up!

The answer:

You are all wrong.  Wrong wrong wrong.  I’m in the 2nd row, 2nd kid from the left.  Check out my cool multi-colored saddle shoes!


16 thoughts on “SOCKS

  1. By the way, the reason the meat from a chicken is called chicken is that because frequently when you cook a chicken and it gets to the table, it can still look like a chicken.  It’s very infrequent that a pig gets to the dinner table in the same general outline it had when it was in it’s pen, (AKA it’s natural environment) unless you’re at a luau.  I’m not even going to talk about what a bovine that makes it to your table intact should be called.

  2. Didn’t even give me a chance. So xanga is a day late sending notice, give me a chance. Of course I was going to guess 2nd from left top row.btw are those plaid pants you wore? Wasn’t sure because they seemed to go on long legs. lolLove the backpack story.

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