It can be hard to decide what to read sometimes.  There must be a novel published every minute.  Ok, I made that up.  I have no idea how many novels are published per minute, but if you add self-published books to the list, it must be A Lot.

I just finished Bel Canto, by Anne Patchett, or it might be Ann Patchett.  I can’t remember and I already returned it to the library and I don’t feel like looking it up.  It’s an oddly spellbinding book considering that all the action takes place at the beginning and at the end, and very little happens in between.  That’s because the story involves a hostage situation in an unnamed South American country, where the hostages are the elite guests at a fancy party and the terrorists are mostly child or teenaged soldiers.  It’s not about the politics but about the relationships that form amongst the hostages and between the hostages and their captors. 

The next book on my stack was The Dive from Clausen’s Pier, by Ann Packer.  Or it might be Anne Packer.  I don’t know, it’s in the other room.  I’ve only read the first chapter, but so far so good in the holding-my-attention category.

After The Dive will be another Anne/Ann Patchett book–Run.  Since I’m on a roll here I’ve decided to only read books by authors named Anne.  Or Ann.  I’m flexible like that.

One of my favorite authors, Ann(e) Tyler, has a new book coming out later this year, but in the meantime I will need some more options.  I may read a mystery or two by Ann(e) Perry.  I used to like Anne (I’m sure about that e) Rice, but since she switched from vampires to Jesus, I’ve lost interest. 

And now for a Xanga-style ending: Do you ever limit yourself to books by authors with a certain name?  What do you think is best name for an author?


15 thoughts on “ANNE OF SEATTLE

  1. I’ve limited genre before, but that’s about it.  Wait, no, I guess upon discovering Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series, I pretty much ate all those until I’d exhausted the supply.  Oh, and I did that with Jim Butcher and his Harry Dresden, too.  I guess I never seem to catch authors when they’re new, so I get to feast on multiple books until I catch up and wait with much anticipation for the next one.

  2. I used to read like breathing and just as I didn’t discriminate between sea air and morning air, I didn’t limit myself as far as books either. Then I had enough time that it didn’t matter if I wasted a few hours on a mediocre book. Now I rarely have time to read, so I want only the choicest, tastiest, most perfect books to read – sort of like eating strawberries. 

  3. Now that you mention it… I lost interest in Ann(e) Lamott when she turned from babies to Jesus.  Or maybe she was always with Jesus and I just didn’t notice.   No, I don’t choose authors based on name… but I’m pretty sure Elizabeth or Sue would be the second-most popular female writer name.  ha.   

  4. I can see wanting to read everything by a certain author, but limiting yourself to  authors with a particular name?  Are you feeling ok?Can anyone tell me if Protestants celebrate Good Friday, or is it only for Catholics?

  5. I’ve never chosen books because of the authors’ names, but if I pick up a new author (new to me), and I like it, I will often read all that author has ever written.    The only Anne/Anns that I am familiar with in your list are Anne Rice and Ann Tyler.   I did like the first couple of vampire books, but after that I lost interest in that particular story.    

  6. I keep hearing from everybody how good Bel Canto is.  I read one of her other books–Patron Saint of Liars–(I think that’s the title) about a home for unwed mothers.  I’ve also read The Dive from Clausen’s Pier, and, oddly enough, I read it right around the same time I read Anne Patchett.  I liked it, but I think Patchett is the better writer.I once read through the “A my name is Alice” category from Booklust–all books by authors named Alice.

  7. I wasn’t that impressed with Bel Canto and had to force myself to finish.  And I miss the Anne Rice that I knew and loved.  If getting religion makes you lose all creativity, I want no part of it.  Do I limit myself to certain names ?  No, but once I find an author that I like, I will devour all that they have written. 

  8. I’ve always thought “Jodi” would be a good name for an author.But judging from the stereotype, the best author names are actually initials, like “F. Scott” or “e.e.” or “J.K.”

  9. What do you think is best name for an author?“John Updike.”Sorry, I just had to add a name (and a cameo) from a Simpsons episode that sucked out loud, aside from the writers’ fair.But really, I go by titles and cover art if I’m not familiar with the author.  Interestingly, I got into Updike when I was in first grade (first grade!!) when wandering around the library and I saw Rabbit, Run.  Surely it’s a book about cute furry rabbits! Uh, no.  But it started a lifetime of Updike love, so it can’t be too bad.  I’ll have to check out the books you mentioned–summer break’s coming and I’ll need something to read since I’m sans home computer.

  10. Unless the book sounds super good, I only buy books by authors I know. New ones I either buy at the used book store or check out from the library. Once they win me over by the free or cheap venue, I will start buying books by that author. The best names for authors seem to be short, one syllable, and easy to remember. Like: Bond, King, Koontz, Steele (not one of my favs but I can remember it easily), etc. I have been looking for the movie Dive from Clausen’s Pier and can’t find it. NetFlix doesn’t even have it yet and I’ve had it in the “Saved” section for I guess 2 years now. I guess they will never get it. I may go look for that book now. Thanks for posting the authors name!

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