Last night when I told my husband about some stupid crap going on at work, he said “it sounds like junior high school.”  And that’s what it’s like sometimes.  Petty and juvenile.

Then I logged into Xanga and realized that this place is like junior high school too.  I mean, I have a great circle of friends here (and I like to think we are enrolled in the honors classes), but when I venture down to the cafeteria (you know, the front page) I run into the legions of creeps and bullies. 

And the drama!  The whispering!  The tattling and back-stabbing!  I’m tired of it on Xanga, and I’m tired of it at work. 

No, I’m not stomping off in a huff.  I’m not leaving.  But I’m going to spend some time fooling with hubpages again.  I started a site there a year ago and abandoned it.  Now it is resurrected.  Come visit and check out my review of The Shack. 



  1. Love the honors class analogy – so true!  And just like in high school, I am perfectly content to be in the honors class and hanging out with my peeps, completely oblivious to the nonsense going on in the back of the cafeteria.  I’m clicking over to “hubpages” now (never heard of it — color me intrigued).

  2. The front page really bothers me too.  Sometimes I log in, view it, feel kind of icky and then log out.  I think I will take over Facebook with the rest of the old people.

  3. O.K. now I feel like the world’s biggest slacker, b/c you wrote a review about the book that all my peeps are talking about. 😉 I took some notes about what I was going to write back in the summer, but I never got to it.  And technically, the peeps in my particular denomination aren’t really talking about the book at all (underwhelmed, rather than calling down condemnation on it).  I heard a 30 minute long interview with the author that really put the book in context.  It made me cut some slack in the weirdness/disturbing department.  He wrote it for his kids as a sort of metaphor for his own spiritual journey (after having experienced great pain in his childhood and early adulthood).  He never really intended for it to be a theological creed (religious fiction!).  Some people read it and loved it and said, “You must publish this.”  There are some things about it, that I think illuminate certain theological concepts.  [God is the judge– not you, and that whole “Jesus really loves you” part that some people are so moved by.  I’m moved by the fact that Jesus loves me, but I was not particularly moved by the book’s portrayal of that love.]  My brother-in-law whom I really respect is in love with the book.  He’s a Christian counselor, and the church has been telling Christian’s for so long that they can’t be angry, that he loves the “God is big enough to handle your anger theme.”  Anyway, I know I’m all over the place.  That’s all I have to say about that for now. :)P.S.  I was talking back to the video.  I’m curious to go see where Pastor Bob is pastor.

  4. No, don’t post anywhere else! Or keep putting links over here, because I CAN’T ADD ONE MORE WEBSITE TO MY LIFE!!! I am just overwhelmed but I miss you…I read the shack and am actually doing a book/discussion group over it. Not super excited about it. I thought it was interesting, not much new that I haven’t already thought about… CS Lewis did a better job doing fiction-as-theology, I think.  Anyway, I was kind of disappointed in the author, too, in that he was able to open his mind about the nature of God, but not about the nature of creation (taking the 1st chapter of Genesis literally – while always ALWAYS and irritatingly ignoring the 2nd chapter which retells the story of creation in A DIFFERENT ORDER. So much for literalists, I say).  So. Here I am stuck in charge of a book group for a book that is… okay.  But it really did rock some people’s world, so I guess that’s good. Maybe i should just feel really enlightened already. Or something (-;Also, I never go to the front page. Well, I guess, I never READ the front page. It’s like buying into the system, you know?

  5. I was involved in a work meeting yesterday in which I was sorely tempted to recommend that my boss read Queen Bees and Wannabees if he wanted to get to the root of the issues being discussed, because some days I totally feel like I am in Jr. High (or middle school as the whippersnappers call it now) all over again.

  6. I hardly ever visit the front page…I stick to my tried and true circle of faithful bloggers and friends that I have made here at Xanga. I started back in 2002.  I don’t even use the fancy new site building things…I do it the old fashioned way.

  7. I never, ever visit the front page.  I go directly to either my site or yours, and continue from there.Enjoyed your Hub, by the way.  I was amused to see Dianetics.com is advertising on your page. 

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