Some Things I Wonder

1. Why do the swine flu stats keep changing downward?  Early reports said 149 Mexicans had died of the disease.  Now they say 19.  That’s a big difference.  An early report of 19 might have averted the panic disease that spread so rapidly.

2. Why don’t my children have school tomorrow?  No, the school did not shut down due to flu panic.  This day off appears on the calendar.  But why? 

3. What are the best foods to eat to keep your brain healthy?*

4. I’m reading a book called “Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement.”  WHY do I read such things?  Perhaps I feel the need to raise my blood pressure now and then, just to be sure I’m alive?

5. Should I post a review of that book, or is my opinion a foregone conclusion?

*The answer is here.  Go see!

** See, Eva, I told you I wasn’t leaving and that I would post links.


13 thoughts on “Some Things I Wonder

  1. 1.  They are making me NUTS with this Swine Flu nonsense!!  NUTS, I tell you.  I totally forgot about Swine Flu this weekend, and then when I got to my daughter’s school all the administrators were talking about it.  Are they going to close down the school…is Purell enough…etcetera.  NUTS.2.  Can’t help you.3.  I have the healthiest brain EVER, I guess.4.  You are insane.  That is wayyyyy worse than reading the front page, and the front page almost induced you to leave Xanga.5.  Yes, and yes.

  2. Granted, any death from an illness that we’ve supposedly conquered is bad…but geez, in the scheme of things, the estimated deaths compared to the billions on this planet don’t rate the amount of panic that the CDC is trying to instill in us. Gimme a break.Post the review!

  3. #2.  because teachers work 180 days a year & included in those days are paid professional training days.  hence no students in the buildings.  because yeah you know it makes a whole hellava lot of sense to the rest of us working 260 days a year schmucks.

  4. Just reading the wiki page on Quiverfulls makes me irritated, but I won’t get into it here, bc I’m sure you and I are on the same page on this. Ah, the joy of long-distance psychic exchange!

  5. you are, indeed, a glutton for punishment.   I suppose a ‘know they enemy’ argument could made in reading that book, but I really don’t need more stress in my life right now… so I’ll just wait for your review.  

  6. I can’t imagine how a book on the Christian Patriarchy movement would be remotely interesting or even enlightening.  Seriously, have you learned anything?  How many pages of your life are you just throwing away like this?

  7. I also have trouble with the picture of you reading christian literature and trying to understand their incomprehensible religeous craziness.  I mean they say right up front that their religeon doesn’t make sense.  The trinity??? and Ecclesiastes 8: 16-17 says you cannot comprehend god.  I agree there are things we mere mortals don’t know, but I am unconvinced about all the major religeons.  Everyone knew for centuries that the world was flat, and that if you traveled far enough you’d fall off.  Today under the guise of religeon charlatons take in money by the bucketfull from people who need meaning in their lives.  It’s such a huge con.

  8. Please refrain from calling the flu “Swine”.  It is the H1N1 flu.  It has nothing to do with pigs and is giving Porcine Americans a bad name. 

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