It’s All Right to Cry, Especially if You Read “Quiverfull.”

All right, ALL RIGHT, I reviewed that book-of-nightmares.  Go read it, but I warn you, I was far too skeeved out to be diplomatic.

Be sure and scroll all the way down to see the video of Rosey Grier singing It’s All Right to Cry.  It’ll cheer you up again.


8 thoughts on “It’s All Right to Cry, Especially if You Read “Quiverfull.”

  1. Is Kathryn Joyce a proponent of the Quiverfull movement, or just reporting on it?  Are these Quiverfull people white supremists, or do they think every woman of any color should have a baby every 9 months until they get too old or die…whichever comes first?

  2. I heard a story on this movement on NPR one day. It’s sort of creepy, to me. Not so big on the subjugation of women and the like. And this idea that by having multitudes of children and overtaking the secular world? Scary stuff. I should read the book.

  3. There are thousnds of homeless children around the world for those Quivering nutcases to adopt instead of inflicting more population overload on us.  But then, who would be left for Angellina and Madonna?   Nauseous is not too strong a word to describe all this.  

  4. Skeeved and squicked?  And you had a problem with tennants and tenets?  At leasst they were real words.  As for the wierdos in Quiverfull, it makes my skin crawl.  They want soooooooo much to foist thier beliefs off onto everyone else.  Can you say Nazi-christians.  Round up all the folks who blaspheme and send ’em to the ovens.  It’s coming and my little pink triangle won’t protect me at all.

  5. Poor Andrea.  One of my friends recently sold Rusty and his new wife a house.  Guess they’ve decided to do things more conventionally, since the “live-in-a-school-bus” thing didn’t work out too well for him the first time.  I don’t think you should worry too much about the math.  Crazy is crazy, even if it becomes a statistically significant percentage of the population, which I believe is unlikely.

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