Just a few links for your edification.

More about “Quiverfull.”

Doug Phillips, a leader of the Quiverfull movement who is quoted extensively in Kathryn Joyce’s book, casts her as a scary Jewish killer of Christian children.

Meanwhile, here’s the blog of two women who escaped the Quiverfull cult.

And just because it caught my attention:

The AIDS community lost a hero today.  Rodger McFarlane, one of the earliest and most ferocious advocates and organizers of the LGBT response to the AIDS pandemic, took his own life to escape the pain and debilitation of his health problems.  Read a touching tribute to him here.


9 thoughts on “READER

  1. Phillips certainly shows a mastery of the Ad Hominem school of debate, but my favorite bit is an accusation leveled against an entire school of philosophy, “Feminism of all stripes is implicitly anti-life.”

  2. All I can say is don’t judge a religion by its extremists.  Also, people, in general, like to oppress each other and seem to even enjoy it more when the oppressed sign on for their oppression.  It’s not as uncommon as one would hope.PS. I HAVE A NEW NAME! It’s kind of like a second birthday.

  3. Dear Jodi,I was delighted and pleased to receive a comment from you on my May 15th post. There are so many Xangans with whom I’ve fallen out of touch, and it’s neat to see some of them pop up every now and then.I went to your link from the earlier entry about Quiverkill, er, fill. I’m not surprised about this “movement” even though I’ve never heard of it. I’m sure I haven’t heard of a lot of the pseudo religious “cults’ which populate the country. Interesting that the gal who drowned her children was one of them.I’ve proudly proclaimed myself a “male feminist” since around the time that “Free to be You and Me” record came out, back in the late 70s. Now that most women are hopefully “free to be” whatever they want to be, unlike in the exceedingly strict world before liberation, there’s bound to be “movements” which would stick them back in the box of “domesticity.” Sounds like the Quiverfill folks are one of those movements. Thanks for the reports about this maladjusted and scary movement.Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

  4. As I read the recent articles and did some reading from the sites that you linked, as well as read the bloviating of Doug Phillips, I was struck by a particular theme that the Right-Wing-Crazies always seem to insert into their dogma.  Whenever they are challenged about their beliefs or faced with an ideology that doesn’t fit their narrow world view, the proponents of that view are always painted as Anti-Family and Anti-Children.  I love children and have spent most of my life working for organizations that serve kids.  I have worked with junior high and high school age kids for years.  While I don’t have much daily interaction with kids in my current job, the organization I work for serves children who are in need.  Can someone please explain how I am anti-family or anti children?  I love kids, but it seems to me that just producing children and then shielding them away from any thoughts or culture other than your own is insane.  How will you produce great thinkers and those who can go on to great things if all their time is spent propagating an ideology that has to do with only men having any rights?  I think the Whoompin Heebee Jeebies is right.

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