You know how I sometimes yak at you guys about AIDS?  Remind you to be safe, tell you things you didn’t know about the pandemic, talk about new legislation, and so forth, because I was working for an AIDS-related non-profit?

Well, those days are over.

I took that job and shoved it, so I don’t care about AIDS no more.  Kidding, of course, but not about the shoving-the-job part.  That’s true.

But don’t cry for me, Xanga.  I’m not unemployed, I’m self-employed.  I’ll spend the next three quarters freelancing and adding some professional development/continuing education schooling to my vitae.  Then a new job shall be procured.  Or not, if I’ve got enough freelance gigery to keep my happy.

In other Rabbit Family news, Tigger (12) is now big enough to wear my shoes and my jeans, and has taken to drawing little triangles on the outside corners of her eyes with black eyeliner.  Luckily, I am a Boring Old Person (BOP) and therefore don’t have much clothing she’d be interested in stealing.  And I don’t wear makeup, so she can’t steal that from me either.  Little Bit (8) has spent much of the last few days making phony credit cards and laminating them with scotch tape.  I expect this to be a full-time, money-making venture by the time she’s 10.

Technogeek, being another BOP, hasn’t changed much since I last mentioned him.  But he has resumed his warm-weather habit of cooking stuff outside on weekends—a welcome trend given my disinclination to cook anywhere on weekends.

I’m still putting up book reviews and whatnot on HubPages.  Please go read my discussion of Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, in which I bemoan the French-fryization of childhood.

And finally, a poll for my fellow suburbanites.

On Saturday mornings, at what time is it appropriate to begin outdoor projects involving power tools and/or repetitive banging?

  1. 8:00 am
  2. 9:00 am
  3. 10:00 am
  4. Saturday has a morning?

15 thoughts on “UPDATE ON THE RABBITS

  1. c. at least.yay for self-employment! if anyone can do it well, it’s you. mad skillz.Eldest (14) can now wear my clothes too. and i’m quite sure she’s more, uh, developed now than me as well. it’s a little unnerving. thankfully, most of my clothes don’t pass her inspection either.

  2. D is fine but I could BEARly tolerate C if I had to.  Our ex-next door neighbor (who we fondly recall her as “The Bitch”) used to operate her chainsaw in the backyard at 6 AM so I’m very appreciative of silence now.   Our current neighbor has a goat which is extremely well-mannered and doesn’t make much noise and has not been known to use a chainsaw.  Sounds like Little Bit is cut out for a career on Wall Street.

  3. We’re all about B around here – that’s sort of the neighborhood unwritten rule.  When my husband is caffeinated, it’s impossible to hold him back beyond that.  By the way, love the Little Bit story about the credit cards….what a good vocation during an economic downturn!!

  4. “D”, unless I’m the one who needs to use the power tools, in which case it’s “C.”  “B” only if it’s summertime and it’ll be too hot to do whatever urgently needs to be done outside if I wait.Chip isn’t quite tall enough to borrow my clothes, and I doubt it’ll ever cross his mind to do so.

  5. Never A, and only B if the weather is going to be too hot, humid, or rainy later in the day and stuff has to be done.  Otherwise, C.  My bigger complaint around my neck of the woods is how late you can use power tools/mowers/leaf blowers/etc.  There has been more than one time when people are mowing well past 8pm (and pushing 9pm in the height of summer long days), keeping my little ones from going to sleep.

  6. ‘A’ with the heat around here one must get done early and hibernate. With air conditioning no one is going to hear you anyway.

  7. I have to make a trip to Bogota next month and I need to get in and out of the county as quietly as possible. Could you have Little Bit make me a passport? And if it’s not too much trouble it needs to have my other name on it; “Jorge Gutierrez.”

  8. Um, D!  Did I mention D.  If anyone is making the hideous noises associated with yard work at those early hours around my place I call the brute squad.  I know the jackboots make noise against the cobblestones and the cries of the idot using the lawnmower are really loud when they are whipping him into submission and the ambulance sirens are annoying, but they go away in under 15 minutes instead of the hour he would annoy me so it’s a decent trade off.  Congrats on the new hobby, er… job thingy.  Have a great week.

  9. No sooner than 12 PM.  Neighbors have the right to sleep until noon on Saturdays, and if you’re going to work outside, you’re just going to have to accept the fact that it is hot; wear cool, loose-fitting clothing, take breaks, and drink plenty of water.

  10. 8AM is fine by me these days, you just have to be done by 10AM so my son can take his nap.  Oh, my alternate reality. Can’t wait to get back to being a serious night owl – morningphobic like I was in the pre-children days.When I was Tigger’s age (and older) I would borrow mom’s earrings and INEVITABLY lose one (was that the right lose? I don’t know).  I owe her about 200 pairs of earrings I’m afraid. Her shoes and paints were too big but shirts were fair game.  I do like the smell people cooking things outside. Especially when they are cooking them for me.

  11. a) sounds a bit late.  We never sleep past 6 in the OBL household, not my choice.  Congratulations on joining the ranks of the self-employed!!!!  re: construction our issue is always how LATE should it go on, during a typical weeknight.  I say dark = too late.

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