Groovy as freelance writing is, I thought it might be wise to expand my potential uses to a prospective employer.  So I’m once again slaving over the books, learning the related and sometimes opposing art of editing.   First assignment: write a personal essay.

Not, you understand, to improve my essay-writing chops.  The essay is to be handed over to the partner I chose in class, so he can take a whack at editing it.  I’ll be editing his essay. 

No problem, right?  I’ve composed a zillion personal essays right here, for the enjoyment of y’all.  But now that it’s an assignment, my topic churner has gone on the fritz.  What does one write when one knows some met-yesterday stranger will be wading in and mucking about with it? 

Throw me some topics, friends.  I’ll post the resulting essay, and maybe later I’ll post the same essay after my partner has improved it.  Merci!


Will it be
Starfish in Her Eyes (about my 12-year-old’s experimentation with makeup)


My Neighbor Steals Shopping Carts (self explanatory)

Majority rules.


19 thoughts on “TR GOES BACK TO SCHOOL

  1.    Watching your children grow up,  and telling the world about it, with your unique, hilarious take on the matter is what you do best.  The story about Little Bit making her own credit cards is priceless…and the fact that you’re expecting it to turn into a money making venture by the time she’s ten, had me, and probably everyone else howling with laughter!  Keep your whole essay in that general area and you can’t go wrong!

  2. Tigger and Little Bit are an inexhaustable source of material which will grow for years.   As long as they don’t mind being the subjects of a best seller….go with them.   Use Technogeek as backup even tho he’s not as much fun. 

  3. For a fun twist you could do an essay on editing.  How are you supposed to know and understand what the author meant etc.  How you can change the focus of a peice by editing….  Ought to be good for a larf.  Perhaps a short treatise on the nature of moving cross country and finding a home in the unlikely northwest?  Could include all the other fun elements including Tigger and Lil’ Bit and the Geek.

  4. My neighbor steals shopping carts!!!!  DEFINITELY!!  I mean, the starfish thing sounds really cute and funny, but I have a cute and funny makeup user here.  What I DON’T have, and clearly need, is a neighbor interesting enough to steal a shopping cart!!!!  (can I vote more than once?)

  5. I do not, and have not ever stolen a shopping cart.  Stop the rumors!  Oh wait, I don’t live anywhere near you.  Ignore that last comment.  Sure write about the carts.

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