Something Better

Little Bit’s acrostic poems.

I know it has a silent
S, but this piece of
Land in the middle of the sea,
A pure shock for the eyes of me,
Nowhere to go, nowhere to see except the sea, not even a
Distant sound from a building, though there are cool wonders
  to see, for the eyes of me (or you).

See, salmon is
A very waterlike thing, not
Like my knee.  My knee is
More a body type, you see. Swimming with the
Octopi and the tunafish in the sea,
Now listen, there are interests besides your knee


12 thoughts on “Something Better

  1. Fun.  We are not mean.  I said it was ok.  You know you’re the one who spoiled us with all the funnny insightful stuff that made me laugh until milk came out my nose.  I didn’t say it was bad.  I liked it.  It was OK, just not stellar like most of the stuff you post.

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