That’s right, I’m blogging at you from the Phoenix coffee shop in beautiful Cleveland Heights, Ohio – my old stomping grounds.  Tigger and Little Bit and I are visiting the grandparents.  They’ve long since moved to another part of town, but today I’ve been revisiting the streets of my youth.  I’m struck by how old this neighborhood looks, both the people and the houses.  Everywhere I look I see old Jewish ladies, and they all look familiar.  I swear the same old Jewish ladies were running around Cleveland Heights 25 years ago.  The houses are big and brick and solid in a way that more recently built houses never are. 

I had a delicious vegan lunch with my old friend mkr_ohio, at Tommy’s on Coventry, home of the world’s best milkshakes, but we didn’t have any milkshakes because we’re too old for that now.  And I stopped into all the old hippie/head shops, all of which carry the same merchandise they sold 25 years ago, and reek of the same incense.  I almost bought a little bottle of patchouli, just because.

We’re headed back to Seattle tomorrow, so I’ll be home when you hear from me next.  Sad news: one of our cats, Clover, passed to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  She’d been ill and declining for a long time, so it is for the best, but we will miss her.  I’ve searched my files and cannot find a digital picture of her, but in her prime she was beautiful.  I hope the Rainbow Bridge story is true and she’s playing with her brothers now.  RIP, Clover.



  1. This may sound like a really stupid question (and it won’t be the first time! ), but how can keeping kosher mesh with being vegan?  I can understand the “regular” ways of keeping kosher, but recently, I’ve been thinking about those who may have different diets than the older generations had.  I know the main things are the same, but since there’s no mixing of meat and milk, would that mean that there would also be no need of two sets of dishes, sinks, etc.?Oy, we confused goyim!

  2. Hm, don’t think I know any kosher vegans, but since there would be no meat OR milk, I guess only one set of dishes would be required.  But I’m not sure one can really be kosher in the absence of chicken schmaltz.

  3. Did your kids roll their eyes and say “There she goes, down Memory Lane again!”  I’ve noticed that my kids now travel their own memory lanes now that they are grown-up—it’s fun to travel with them!  Hope you make it home safe and sound!

  4. Memory Lane, I just went through some of that and took picture after picture. Still didn’t get to some places I wanted too.Sorry about Clover. I said no more pets as each as ours dies. So natch a Regular Cockatiel ended up in my tree and now my office. He must be our Max re-incarnated.

  5. R.I.P Clover.  She certainly was a beautiful kitty in her prime.   Yes, dear Dogma, the store that sells cat stuff is still there, but now…and you’d better be sitting down…they also have, you should excuse the expression, “Dog stuff”!

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