What To Do

Maybe if I put my to-do list here, where people can shame me if I fail to cross items off in a timely manner, I’ll actually get these things done.  Ok, here it is.

  • Write article for client’s e-newsletter (SFD done)
  • Complete reading assignments for editing class
  • Make dental appointments for kids
  • Make dental appointment for me
  • Make doctor appointment for me
  • Make appointment with Brad the Mortgage Guy (left him a message, so I’m counting this done for the day)
  • Take the tiller in for service, or, alternatively, put it back in the shed and forget about it for another year
  • Pick up books on hold at the library
  • Get a mocha (can’t believe I didn’t accomplish this until after 1 pm)
  • Print out and fill out forms to have dental records transferred
  • Waste &^%$ minutes on Facebook

Clock starts…now.


13 thoughts on “What To Do

  1. I’m sooooooo glad you need doctor appointments, because here I was, wasting a day at work and completely forgetting about all the doctor’s appointments I need.  If only one could get prescription meds without those pesky doctor visits!

  2. Save some time and take tiller in the winter for service.  It’s too late to plant much now anyway.  Also, tell Brad to get you a mortgage stimulous grant from the Government as you’re “too big to fail”.   After all, everyone else seems to be getting them

  3. Looks like you are kicking ass and taking names (which is a lot better than kicking names and taking ass, let me tell you!).Luckily right now my kids don’t have enough teeth to have dental appointments. Wait, scratch that. E will be three next month, maybe I should take her in for her first dental appointment? I think you’re supposed to do it when their teeth start touching (AKA, need flossing).  Hmm… Does it please the List Gods if your list makes other people put more things on THEIR list of things to do???

  4. WOW.  You got a lot done.  I can’t believe you crossed all that stuff off.  Putting aside your superiority in all computer-related things due to your ability to visually cross stuff off on a list.

  5. Other people’s to-do lists depress me.  Especially when most of the items are crossed off.  Of course, I could always be like my sister and make a to-do list of things I’ve already done.  I think that’s pretty genius.

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