Testify, Jimmy

Longtime readers know that my objections to organized religion span a number of issues, but nothing irks me more than the patriarchal insistence on subjugating women.  So my heart fluttered with delight and gratitude when I read this editorial, in which the famously devout humanitarian and former president, Jimmy Carter, tells the Southern Baptist church where to stick its patriarchy.

Thanks to bosefius for the link.


10 thoughts on “Testify, Jimmy

  1. I always thought Jimmy Carter was too good a person to be a politician, but this kind of decency and candor is really unbelieveable!  He has always aimed at doing the right thing, and for the most part he’s been villified for it.  I hate to think of the nasty slams he’ll take for this article.  Jerry Fallwell must be turning over in his grave!

  2. Jimmy called me and ask why I severed ties with the Southern Baptist Convention 15 years ago, and frankly, he’s being a bit of a copycat. Actually, many of his positions on various issues have pissed off the Southern Baptists for years and I’m thrilled to see him take this step. I have tremendous respect for President Carter. He is a humanitarian of the highest order and i applaud him.

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