Does anyone know where I can find a summary of the gazillion-page healthcare reform bill?  How is one to stay informed when government is so complicated?  Someone’s editorial (whose?  I don’t remember) complained that this “reform” just perpetuates the system that ties health insurance to employment.  Which, it seems to me, would be missing the point.  People with jobs don’t have health insurance problems, people without jobs do.  Barack, are you helping the people without jobs?  Please write.

While we’re talking, Barack, I’d like to point out that for a guy deemed “most liberal” in the Senate, you’ve been less-than-left in the your actions since becoming president.  The repubs are going to hit you with spit and venom no matter what you do…may as well step out a little, eh?

My husband and I are a little late hopping on the refinancing bandwagon.  Brad the Mortgage Guy tells us the rates bottomed out at 4.5%, and stayed there for three, maybe four minutes before ascending back into the fives.  So I wish we’d jumped sooner, but no sense crying over spilled points.  Is it unseemly to brag about one’s credit rating?  Brad says we have the best credit rating he’s ever seen, but he gets a commision for our re-fi, so maybe he’s just shining us on.  Is it unseemly to use too many cliches in one paragraph?

When you refinance your house, a guy called Shane the Appraisal Dude comes by.  He wanders all over your property, outside and inside, snapping pictures and taking notes, looking much like someone casing the joint for a future planned jewelry heist.  Well, sorry Shane, but there’s no jewelry to be had at the Rabbit house, unless you count my twelve-year-old’s collection of cheap earrings from Claire’s.

Now that said twelve-year-old has had a cell phone for a year or so, I’ve become accustomed to being able to contact her directly most of the time.  Yesterday, I dropped her off at a one-week sleep-away camp that emphatically disallows cell phones.  And I’m all in favor of a week without electronic gizmos, but I still wish she could text me a chirpy “all ok,” or even an “I’m FINE, quit BUGGING me.”  I’m sure she’s fine.  I just miss her.

It’s HOT here in Seattle, with temps in the 90s this week.  And raindrops are not falling on my head.  But my garden looks way better than I deserve, since I put very little time into it.  Even the eggplant plant looks good, with hopeful flowers hanging all over it.  Never have I successfully grown an eggplant, but perhaps this will be the year.  The Year of the Eggplant.  Think garlicky, parmesany thoughts for me, friends.


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  1. Having just sold two houses and purchasing some land, all within a year, I’ve gotten to know Shane the Appraisal Dude really well. Tell him I said hi and to stop by sometime because I bought a case of his favorite beer. 

  2. My eggplants are going crazy!!  It’s the *only* thing I’ve been able to grow this year, since it is 103 and no rain and eggplants apparently like these conditions.  Who knew?  Oh, I’ve also grown giant okra, which is weird.  My okras are as big as bananas.  That can’t be normal, can it??  I’m kinda scared to eat it.  We endured that whole re-fi nightmare, but it was worth it for under 5.  Is it unseemly to brag about refinancing at the all-time interest low??

  3. I read an article (not sure whose) about parents sneaking cell phones into their kids’ camp luggage and instructing said kids to text them at night… nice going, parents!  Teaching kids to ignore camp rules!  Actually, I would most certainly be the parent doing that… Anyway, we are standing by to refinance as soon as the barn/workshop is completed.  I’m stressing out every night that we’re missing out on a 1/16th of a percentage point or something… but my hands are tied for now.  Let’s just hope the stars align and the credit rating, job status, barn completion, and low rates (but high appraisal!) all converge at exactly the right moment!   yikes. 

  4. oh, and yes, it is unseemly to discuss politics, religion, or money…. but since you’ve already broken 2/3 of the rules with this blog, why not go all the way?! 

  5. Now arn’t you glad you had the little flood incident in the basement so Shane the Appraisal Dude could see what a spiffy house you have after the cleanup?   Barak probably won’t write you because he’s too busy drinking beer with his new best buddy from the Cambridge Police Dept.  

  6. Our appraisal dude came by, poked around (which creeped me out a bit) and then left.  The very next day, we saw him at our son’s preschool graduation.  Weird.  Apparently the kids were in school together…..and that made the fact that he had seen every nook and cranny of our house even more bizarre.  (Though clearly it would have been worse if his kid didn’t go to school there, eh?!?)

  7. Except for the fact that some of us with jobs do have health insurance problems.  My son just got done with a 12-week stint of ringworm medication (the medication that worked, not the two prevous meds that didn’t)–wanna know what it cost?  $466 per prescription!  That’s right–the newly clear, quarter-sized patch of ringworm free shiny skin on the back of my son’s head is worth almost $1000–over $1000, actually, if you count in the dermotologist and the referring doctor and the two non-working meds.  Crazy!  Thankfully, the kiddos are on the statewide “Kid Care” program, because my actual insurance, the one I work all month to pay for, doesn’t cover that sort of thing.  Crazy.I’m not for socialized health care, but there has to be something out there that won’t allow a doc to charge over $100 for 15 minutes of questions in the waiting room, or almost $500 for a medicine that could probably be purchased in Mexico for just a few dollars.  Maybe caps on lawsuits and prescription prices and hospital fees?  It would be a start…

  8. I’ve never eaten egg plant. Wouldn’t even know how to prepare one and since hubby won’t eat squash of any kind I know this is out.I also would like to see that health bill. Do you suppose if we ask our Congress folks for a copy they’d send one?

  9. @transvestite_rabbit – I would greatly enjoy doing so BUT then if I summarize what I’ve read then being the human that I am I would without a doubt give my take on the whole thing.  that is why I choose to download it & print it & read it for my own self LOL.  I figure if I could read the entire Twilight series in under 2 weeks then most assuredly I could read a document that could change the health care world as we know it.  and also when I rant & rave about any given subject I find it best to be quite familiar with said subject.

  10. Man, a professor and I were talking about cell phones not 2 hours ago.  He showed me his new iPhone, which weighs less than my clunky-assed iPod, but whatever.  Then we spoke about the lack of pay phones on campus (they’ve replaced them with free phones that you dial “8” to get out.)  There used to be a whole bank of pay phones in the Student Center, outside, everywhere!  Now, there’s no pay phones ANYWHERE!!!!!  The day secretary gets mad sometimes when I let people use the phone, but dammit, all of us don’t have/can’t afford pay phones.  I fall into both categories.  There no fucking way (pardon my French), I’m not going to have a car, but walk to the bus stop and sit on the bus talking on the phone like I see people do.  Your ass can’t afford a car, NO CELL PHONE!  These are the people that run up the bill so much that they COULD at least start saving for a damn car.  So, I will use the cell phone we DO have (also clunky and over 5 years old–but it’s not a “Zack Morris phone!”) as my alarm clock.  It serves its purpose, and my father did actually use it because he needed a tow truck.  So, it got some use.  I tried to use it to call my parents from a party, but I was so dumb, I didn’t realize you need to BUY MINUTES to use it!  Durr!  You can’t just jump on the thing and talk, as I learned after cussing and whacking it against the poor girl’s wall a couple of times.  Hey, blame the Jello shooters, not me. As for socialized health care–as one who doesn’t make enough to stop sucking off the public teat, I don’t know. Seriously, I don’t know–I’ve seen people with shitloads of insurance get screwed over just as badly as the po’ folks with no insurance.  Who knows?

  11. Yes it is hotHave you ever tried reading a congressional bill? Oh it so sucks, constantly referring to older laws which you need to read ot see what they are talking about. No fun at all, it is far worse than just trying to read 1200 pages of normal legal documents.Yes it would be nice if they actually gave everyone time to read them and understand what they read.

  12. It’s been 100 degrees here every day for the past couple of months and we don’t expect rain until November or so.  All the grass is dead.  Have I ever told you how much I hate summer?I don’t understand why it is so distasteful to lawmakers that every American should have the right to government-subsidized health insurance.  We educate everyone for free — what’s the point of doing so if we’re just going to let them drop dead afterwards?  At the very least, all minors and full-time students should be entitled to free healthcare.  A dozen fewer bombs a year would cover it.

  13. Our appraisal guy was named Wang.  He took a 30-second look at the house, and then we’re pretty sure he went home and just looked it up on Zillow.  I have been here on your site for at least half an hour looking for a must-read post that was recommended in 2007 by a fellow Xangan who doesn’t know how to insert links. In case you were wondering, no, I am not a scary stalker person;  this is the type of random thing teachers on summer vacation do to pass the time. I have skimmed back through more than a year of posts and have decided, now that I can’t even remember the Xangan who directed me here in the first place, that I give up.  But, I enjoyed the journey and am pleased to have found another grownup who shares my addiction to Lucky Charms. 

  14. @transvestite_rabbit – Thank you … that was worth the wait. A week before I was to begin my first year as a teacher at my current school, I received a phone call from my principal.  She said she had good news and bad news.  The bad news was that some hoodlums had broken into my classroom, and the good news was that the homeless men living behind my classroom had chased them off before they could do any real damage.  That incident provided a great opportunity for me to check my preconceived notions at the door.  Thanks again for finding the post for me; I’ve bookmarked it to share with my husband later.

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