Today’s Harvest

These zukes have joined the previous six in the fridge.  That’s ten (10!), and more coming tomorrow.  There are still two loaves of zucchini bread in the freezer.  I’ve been eating scrambled eggs with squash every day. 

Send recipes!


14 thoughts on “Today’s Harvest

  1. Beautiful!  I didn’t even try zucchini, because my grandmother grew it when I was a kid and she grew so much of it we ate zucchini EVERYTHING…bread, of course, but also lasagna, meatloaf, zucchini stuffed cabbage, zucchini soup…you get the idea.  I have no fewer than 5 eggplants growing to maturity right now!  My tomatoes are dead, though.  They don’t care for 103.

  2. I bow to your gardening prowess!  Our little garden is oh so very sad.  Have you grilled any of the zucchini?  That’s our favorite thing to do with them — we slice them lengthwise, brush on olive oil and kosher salt/pepper, place straight on the grill.  Deeeeelicious.

  3. I’ve been hearing on the news about the triple digit temperatures you are experiencing in the Pacific Northwest.  I keep expecting to see a reporter interviewing a local pastor about it and hearing the pastor say something like “This is obviously God giving all the liberal heathens up there a taste of what it’s GOING TO BE LIKE FOR THEM IN HELL!!!” I haven’t heard it yet, but I’ll be sure and pass along a video link when I do.

  4. Very pretty! I want to do a garden next year (it’s so much easier to do Next Year than this year, you know? (-:  Actually, a guy at my church did an awesome community garden at the church and told Joel and me that he would come over and help us put in a garden – I like help!!).My sister is an appraiser, by the way. She does tend to wander around people’s homes.  She has some disturbing stories, that’s for sure! I prefer to stay away from people in general.Well, random comment. Did you work out, young lady?  (-:

  5. @Gungaboy – Yes, come by and get some zukes, and not small ones, either.@ColdSkivvies – The pastors here wouldn’t say that out loud.  They might think it, but they know better than to take it live.@miss_order – Yes I did, and I’ll do it again, even though it’s 102 freaking degrees today.@madhousewife – I’m not a vegan anymore.  If the recipe uses beef, I’d probably substitute poultry or fake meat.  Bring it on!

  6. YUM!  I sauteed (I’m too lazy to check and see if that’s spelled correctly) some zucchini in butter tonight.  Twas delicious.  My MIL makes “squash puppies.”  They’re like hush puppies made with squash.  They’re yummy.  Let me know if you want me to track down the recipe.

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