Excuse me, but wtf is this?

The caption on this photo in the Seattle Times reads:

A protester displays an effigy of Rep. Frank Kratovil Jr., D-Md., outside of his district office in Salisbury, Md.



The Right Wing Wacko contingent is so incensed over Barack Obama’s election,  democratic efforts to ensure that all Americans have access to health coverage, and the ascension of a highly-qualified Latina woman to the Supreme Court, (did I miss anything?), that they now hang democratic congressmen in effigy? 

An especially wacky group called Birthers continues to pursue the claim that Obama was not born in Hawaii, in hopes of invalidating his election. 

Additional wackos make spurious and bizarre claims about impending health care legislation.  They trumpet the (entirely invented) news that the bill will force the elderly to submit to euthanasia

Check out the Tea Party Patriots.  These people have organized demonstrations at town hall meetings all over the country to protest the health care bill.  They would rather we… I mean they think we should… wait, they have no counter suggestions. 

Now look at the blog roll on the front page of their website.  It includes The Abundant Living Cash Gifting System, a blog advocating a pyramid scheme in which the marks  hand wads of cash over to the people at the top of the pyramid, in hopes that some other suckers will do the same for them. 

Will the rational conservatives please step up and make some noise?  These people are freaking me out.



  1. Well, honestly, we really DON’T want our grandmothers to have to submit to euthanasia.  Besides I wrote a whole blog about how I don’t mind any of Obama’s IDEAS, but still can’t figure out how we’re supposed to get the money together to implement them all.  :)  That wasn’t wacky.  No sharks were involved.  Though technically I’m not sure I count as a “conservative.”

  2. Right-wing wackos typically make outrageous claims about ANYTHING hoping that something will stick.   Hopefully, we rational people will prevail over all this noise they make.   Ignore them and maybe they’ll just go away…but unfortunately, I don’t think so.  

  3. @Shahrazad1973 – That’s the best comment I’ve read all day!! *LOL*Ah, the joys of being an American?  *shakes head* Some people need better hobbies…like protesting to raise money for our education system or to increase the wages of our emergency forces or, well, the list goes on and on and on…

  4. I say this moves from free speech to the level of threats against an elected official.  I think they should be locked up.  Say you hate his politics.  Say you think he’s ruining the country.  But don’t threaten to hang him because he doesn’t agree with you.  Same goes for all the people who burn crosses in hopes that it will scare others into some sort of submission because thery’re too stupid to make it on their own, despite not being born as a minority.  I don’t think we should hang idiots, but shouldn’t there be some consequences for being this stupid and making threats like this?

  5. Sadly, stupidity is not a crime and that whole freedom thing that protects us, protects them, too. I agree with @daeshii – better hobbies are needed. Heck, knitting blankets and caps for babies in third-world countries would be better and more productive than anything the Wacko brigade is doing right now.

  6. I am considering submitting to euthanasia to escape the wackos.  Seriously, GIVE IT A REST!   I know a bunch of us didn’t care for the previous president, but considering that he “won” the office under somewhat questionable circumstance, I think that was allowed.  And then he did seem kind of, well stupid and dictatorial.  Why can’t these people at least give the president a chance.  It’s only been months.  And he did inherit a mess.  True patriotism would seem to exhibit a desire for America to advance.  If he fails, we all fail.

  7. @didntusedtobelumpy – Yes these are legitimate complaints, but somehow I doubt there are pictures of you with a GW doll hanging off the end of a stick.  I think it’s fine to say you don’t agree with what they do.  But when you start to threaten to hang them, you’re over the edge.  I think Tiff has it right to.  Smiling and soooooo proud of himself for threating to hang someone he doesn’t agree with.  Yikes.

  8. They’ve always hung ppl.  It’s what they do.  Barbarians, low class…that’s what they do. Luckily, it is harder nowadays for them to do it literally.

  9. What’s funny about the tea party people is their use of tea bag imagery. They might want to look up “tea bagging” in an urban dictionary.  Not to mention that there was no such thing as a tea bag during the Boston Tea Party of colonial times.

  10. I just watched ‘Real Time with Bill Mahr’ and regarding the Birthers, he said (regarding mythical documents) and I quote “I’ll show you Obama’s birth certificate when you show me Sarah Palin’s High School Diploma”  I laughed for 3 minutes.

  11. Sometimes I wonder if they’re actually democrats in disguise attempting to sabotage the Republican Party. Why would they do this to themselves?

  12. The suggestion of violence in these people’s protesting is kind of terrifying when you think about it – I don’t think I ever saw this kind of reaction when W. Bush was President…..!  I kind of wonder how strong (and in what way) democrats would’ve reacted if McCain / Palin had won the election, though…..! 

  13. Hanging (even burning) in effigy is a recognized and protected form of protest, nothing wrong with that. Wacko’s will be wacko’s, right wing or left wing (and yes, I’m a liberal). I say let the Tea baggers and the Birthers continue talking, they are not only reinforcing the Democratic Party they are driving Republicans away from their own party. A two (or more) party system is important, however, so is knowing who the blowhard ultra-right wing crazy people that would attempt to force their personal opinions on an entire nation to fit their narrow world view.

  14. Hi there, rational conservative here. :)It’s hard to speak up, because the extremist’s voice is very, very loud. That’s important to consider. Reasonable down-to-earth folks, by their very definition, are quiet people. I don’t like being loud, nor do I like to draw excessive attention to myself.That said, it is important to recognize that extremists exist on both sides, and are usually the ones that get media air time. The rest of us are pretty boring to the media. Most people of both conservative or liberal persuasion, I’ve found, are actually great people.That said, I am against the health care push, but, as you pointed out, I am disappointed my fellow opposition folks have failed to put out an counter-suggestion. I have my own ideas on this, but it’s a shame no one else seems to have offered any.

  15. Rational people, of either persuasion, are not going to be the ones making noise. You know this. Rational folk have livings to make, and bills to pay, and broken things to repair. Living rationally isn’t going to include silly (pointless), demonstrative activities of any kind. We will continue to be ruled/governed by people influenced by whatever dog is barking loudest. See Dilbert’s Loud Dog Theory.

  16. I think it is juvenile, disgusting, and hateful behavior, but it certainly is nothing new: there are juvenile, disgusting hateful behaviors and speech by people on both sides of the political spectrum:http://cbs2.com/local/Sarah.Palin.mannequin.2.849299.htmlI think this behavior- on either side of the political spectrum- should be investigated. I believe in free speech, but where do you draw the line and say, wait, this is a criminal threat? This is implied violence? How do we balance free speech with the personal safety of elected officials? I like what this blogger had to say about hateful political speech: http://www.cg2consulting.com/article_lets_change.html

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