Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend, Teddy?

We interrupt this blog to grieve for The Lion, a man whose wealth and privilege enabled him to escape the justice he deserved for Chappaquiddick, but who worked tirelessly for decades in the cause of justice for the poor, the working class, and the disenfranchised.  Did he thus redeem himself? 

Senator Edward Kennedy


10 thoughts on “Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend, Teddy?

  1.   I never believed that Ted kennedy deliberately killed Mary Jo Kopechne, but he was certainly responsible for her death.  He didn’t seem to have any moral compass where women were concerned.  That being said, he was probably the greatest senator this country has ever known. He’s done so much for so many.  Does that make up for his rather shameful private life?   Maybe.    May he rest in peace.

  2. I’m glad you mentioned her death because no one else has.  But then I only watch CNBC.  I don’t know what I think about your question but I imagine he DID work his whole life to make up for it.

  3. Who are we to judge? Have we never made a mistake in our lives?  Maybe not one of that magnitude but the years I spent advocating for child victims of crime I can tell you the first thing I learned… “Money talks, Justice walks”.  And it wasn’t that the defendants had money, the lawyers got it.

  4. He was a complex man who made some real mistakes, but he never did own up to them.  Did he do more good out of jail than he would have in jail?  Decidedly.  But I can’t help wonder that a governement that has a justice system that can be bought and sold so easily as was the case here, isn’t so fundamentally flawed as to be beyond salvation.Can the fall of Rome be far off?  Goobye Nero….

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